Thursday 5 May 2016

Alluring Fragrances From Neesh Perfumes

"What fragrance are you wearing today?" has become an anticipated question for me from my friends and colleagues since last one week. A casual perfume-enthusiast in me has discovered a new fondness for smelling ultra sassy, because of exclusive perfume gift set sent to me by Neesh Perfumes.

This aromatic and colorful set of perfumes arrived in my mail almost a week ago containing five delightful fragrances.
While opening the parcel, I was wondering how can this little carton hold 5 bottles of perfumes as mentioned on the label?? To my pleasant surprise, what came out was not those usual bottled- beauties, but quite distinctive plastic containers in eye-catching colors. 

These sleek packs, named as pikpacks by the brand, easily slip-in my pocket or wallet. I'm sure these would be my best companion when I'm travelling. The perfumes offer a regal feel when you read out their names in Soulful Urdu written in stylish gold font and here is when the journey of your love with Neesh perfumes begins :)
The tiny white spritz hole in the center of pikpack releases the rejuvenating perfume with mild pressure and energizes you with instant confidence boost.
The brand has exotic perfumes for every occasion and every choice. I bet you would find it absolutely challenging to select one out of musky, floral, citrus or woodsy notes to choose from and call it your signature scent.

I personally like humble fragrances that are not overpowering, but let me feel fabulously fresh all the day long with a hint of floral undertones. But my hubby appreciates exceptionally high-quality, long-wear fragrances that don't fade away easily and compliment the masculine attitude. So, I chose to amuse my partner with these deeper scents...

Top Note: French Rose from South of France (Grass)
Middle Note: Saffron 
Base Note: Musk, Patchouli and Leather, Agarwood (Oud)

Top Note: Arabian Agarwood, Dry Honey
Middle Note: Castoreum, Patchouly
Base Note: Dry Amber, Musk

Top Note: Arabian Bakhoor
Middle Note: Black Rose, Patchouly
Base Note: Castoreum, Agarwood

Top Note: Sharp Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron Note
Middle Note: Agarwood, Patchouly
Base Note: Agarwood, Musk

Top Note: Nutmeg, Cedar wood ,Bakhoor
Middle Note: Agar wood, Amber
Base Note: Powdry Musk, Vanilla
In last few days, we both have tried all five perfumes on different days and are muddled-mind choosing the most enticing fragrance. The fragrance stays true all day (or infact till next day). With the temperature rising every passing day, its a great relief to replace terrible body odor with irresistibly desirable fragrance. And receiving gushing praises from everyone is probably a reason to keep me more energized ;)

While the high price tag of Rs 340 for 20 ml packaging might be intimidating for Neesh perfumes, but when you find each spritz of your perfume costing less than Re.1 with upto 400 sprtitz per pack; the price seems worth every penny in these timeless fragrances. Order the one you love the most at Neesh Website

Neesh Perfumes leave a lasting impression on everyone you encounter and become your "Wear it when you want to stand out the crowd." statement :) Whether you preference is Alluring, Flirty, Sensual, Elegant or Seductive, these invigorating scents are a must-own staple in your perfume collection.

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  1. wish they had ditched the plastic & used glass instead

  2. which one is your favorite ?

  3. The packaging is definitely very unique.


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