Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wave Goodbye to Damaged Hair With Aroma Essentials Hair Blend

Experiencing dry, stressed scalp? Want soothing & nourishing hair oil recipes? umm, sorry can't help you as I don't have one :(
But someone very innovative at team Aroma Essentials has sorted out our problem by blending together many essential oils with vegetable oils and serving the ready-to-use concoction for easy application.
Today I'll review Aroma Essentials Hair Blend which has combination of  Vegetable Oils like Sesame, Olive, Argan , Almond and has been further mixed with Essential oils like Geranium, Mint, Lavender.
The hair blend comes in a transparent plastic bottle that has a flip open cap pierced with a hole within it. So no worries of breakage of bottle. The flip cap requires effort to open and there is a plastic disc cap inside the outer cap, so the oil won't spill out.
Its a light gold color oil that smells heavily of exotic aromatic oils gone into its formulation. The aroma immediately soothes the nerves and senses.
The hair blend oil is advised to be applied directly on scalp. I prefer using a dropper to apply such therapeutic oils for easy application and ensure the scalp is equally coated. You may also use a cotton ball or your finger tips to apply the oil as per your convenience. The hair blend oil is not greasy and avoids that irritation chip-chip feeling that we all dislike. It feels light yet moisturizing on application. For optimum result, one should take steam so as to avail maximum hydration. In my case, I wrap a warm absorbent towel around my head after head massage which helps in making hair stronger easier to style and detangle. Keeping the hair blend oil on scalp for 30 mins and washing the hair off does the job.
Thanks to highest quality therapeutic grade oils used in making this hair blend that works towards stimulating hair follicles and increasing blood circulation which in long run would result in reduction in hair loss and would promote hair growth. This blend also destresses and regulates hormonal imbalance as geranium is medicinally used for regulating hormonal imbalance.
Sesame oil increases the efficacy of vitamin E which is good for hair & is good for growing dark and lustrous hair. My favourite Lavender and Mint oils draw me to their calming properties that reduces stress, headaches and hypertension. They have antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces scalp flakiness very effectively and contributes regenerative and balancing effect.Olive oil is sure to control hair frizz and offer deep moisturization to dry scalp. If you are facing dandruff issue, Argan oil will act as a moisturiser for the scalp to fight dandruff. 

The product would show noticeable hair growth and thickening of your locks in a month or so, but the texture of hair and health of scalp improves in very few uses. The benefits of so many nourishing oils are undisputed and so is true for this hair blend. You can tap the wonderful benefits of this hair blend at Rs. 350 by placing an order at Aroma Essentials.


  1. you can actually see the herbs !

  2. did the dropper come with it ?
    sounds amazing though

    1. nopes, the dropper doesn't come along. but that my way to make the application convenient.

  3. Its totally amazing!!!
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