Friday 27 May 2016

Interactive Rhymes On Chu Chu TV To Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

Summer Vacations are on and its that time of year when there is family-reunion at my home every year. While the elders cherish meeting all the family members after long time; the kids totally get immersed in their playful, fun activities for the whole day. The only concern that worries us, the parents, amidst all enjoyment is to insist kids stay indoors to avoid scorching heat outside. I genuinely don't want my kids to strain their eyes and ache their body playing tech-games on gadgets for hours at the cost of zero learning. So its actually challenging to find such indoor engagement for little ones that is of interest of kids and also has some positive impact on them.

Recently, while searching for a video tutorial for some craft ideas on YouTube, I discovered a children's entertainment channel Chu Chu TV focusing on comprehensive development of kids through a series of interactive animation performances.
To give the channel a closer glance and to assess its viability as a parent, I just clicked on this random video Lets Play in the Park from the playlist and as soon as the peppy sound started playing; the kids from every corner of the house rushed near the laptop. Each of them with a big grin on their cute faces started clapping and jumping with joy. Feeling relaxed to see everyone happy, I decided to let the merriment go on for the little bundles of joy:)
My son, who can operate the computer easily, took the charge of selecting the favourite rhymes or songs and entertain his younger cousins. Some all-time favourite poems like Johny Johny Yes Papa and Baa Baa Black Sheep have been reproduced with beautiful animated graphics, eye-pleasing colors.
The most incredible thing that I observed about these rhymes is that the creative team of Chu Chu TV has incorporated meaningful messages and contextual words within the rhymes that takes the experience of watching these rhymes to another level. Educating kids has not been so fun and easy-going ever.
Infact, after watching the Brush Your Teeth song, the kids do not give excuses to clean their teeth rather remind each other to follow the morning and night ritual without a miss. I'm amazed by the positive effect of these animations that not only cheer the children up, but also nurture qualities like kindness, disciplined and respectful and obedient in these innocent children. I see endless potential of keeping the children occupied with healthy entertainment and learning.
Now, until the kids in the family resume their regular school time table, I don't mind if they seem to be hooked on Chu Chu TV.

Highly recommended edutainment channel for parents of little kids!! 

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