Sunday 22 May 2016

Cure Puffy Eyes With Aroma Essentials Eye Pillows

Many cosmetic issues keep bothering us every now and then. One of my concern is the puffy eye bags and dark circles. The dark circle under my eyes are quite adamant and are staying for many years now. So they are not gonna go very easily, I know. I keep trying different quality products to prevent them getting any worse. But the puffiness was actually not an issue with me ever, which has started showing up occasionally. I guess its a signal to me that I'm tired, stressed out, and not living at optimal health. Few days back, I suffered from really bad eye allergy; due to which I could barely open my eyes properly and I still had to attend office and push myself do all the jobs assigned like usual days. But what got affected was my blogging routine. I hardly wrote any posts, became irregular being online and it makes me feel really low.  :(

After facing so much of trouble, I've been instructed to include food items rich in vitamins, especially A, C and E in my meals to help maintain clear, moist under eye skin and reduce eye puffiness. Also I'm sleeping enough in the afternoon after I reach home from office that actually was not a part of my routine ever.. Things are getting slightly better now.

Other than these practices, I had been experimenting with eye packs to fight itchy eyes, when I used Eye Pillows sent by Aroma Essentials. 
These Eye Pillows are like li'l bags filled with Oats and Green Tea. As per instructions, I boiled the eye pillows in water for 2-3 minutes.
On boiling, the contents inside the bags will be partially visible and it will change the color of water in which you are boiling them.
Take the eye pillows out of water and refrigerate it to let it cool. Now, squeeze the excess water (if any) and place these over eyes for 20 minutes while laying down.
I used the eye pillows in the night and felt great relaxation in the irritated eyes. The eye pillows containing green tea is enriched with anti-oxidants, tannins and caffeine. So using these eye pillows helps to reduce water in the tissues around the eyes and controls puffiness.
One set of Aroma Essentials Eye Pillows can be used for a week. After every use, we can store them in refrigerator. If they get dried out in the fridge when you are ready to use it next time, just run them under tap water for a few minutes and use them as earlier. In my first experience, one of the eye pillow got torn after three uses and I had to throw it. But next time, it continued being fine with multiple usages. I wish the size of the eye pillows can be slightly bigger, so that they don't slip from eyes. The issue of my eyebags is almost resolved now and I'm hoping to have brighter eyes after prolonged use of these handmade, purely safe eye pillows :)
If you have any remedies or suggestions for curing my dark circles, I would appreciate if you share and help me. TIA



  1. Biotique's Bio Dandelion Serum really helped me - worth a try

    1. oh that's great. I'm definitely gonna buy that :) Thnx for ur advice!

  2. looks so unique

    1. yeah, this was my first experience with eye pillows too.

  3. Sounds like an amazing product. I could really do with something like this.


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