Sunday 6 September 2015

Rakhi Bhai Behan Ka Tyohaar

I may not say it always, but whenever I say I mean it ...
"The memories may fade with passing time, but the bond we share will only grow stronger.." 

Writing for #selfiewithsibling contest by made me say above lines again to my bro.

The loving occasion of Raksha Bandhan is actually the best time to reminisce fondly those wonderful moments I have spent with my siblings. Because despite being many many years younger to me, he is the one who holds my lowered spirits in bad times. When I have a reason to smile and celebrate, I message him first of all and he is readily available to make it more meaningful.

But yes, we are no exception and can't end up without hate moments too. He is pissed off so easily when I comment something 'not likable' on his social accounts and he grumbles for having an 'interfering' elder sister.... He finds it irritating when I advise him not to be an impulsive buyer and make choices within specific budget.... He thinks I am old-fashioned if I'm offended seeing him clicked with female classmates...He puts a full-stop on our conversation saying "Not Again", when I wish to motivate him to give more time to studies and work harder... He gives me furious looks if I am spying on his phone...Gosh!! should I write all this here!! I know he won't spare me today after he reads this post but I actually wanna see his reaction ;) {Hope God is there to save me :P }

Even when life has led us along different paths now, we are always close looking out for each other (thanks to some awesome phone apps too) ... He really has the virtuosity to beautify my life. He laughs at my funny selfies, edits them making me look fairer and then asks me for a "Thank You" that I never say ;) He keeps me updated with latest technology hacks and makes sure the path I am travelling on as a blogger is smooth n guided. I know deep in my heart who will come to my rescue when no one offers me a helping hand. 
Though I don't need an occasion to show my gratefulness to him but every moment of my life is a blessing to have a 'monster' around me who possesses a clear heart. Even if I searched the world over, there cannot be a better brother than him. And Raksha Bandhan is the day when we deserve clicking #selfiewithsibling and capturing one more such moment of happiness :)
I wish my bro all the happiness and loads of success through every side in his life!!


  1. Very lovely and touching article!!!

    1. Thanku so much for liking Ruchika. These are everyday moments we both share...

    2. Thanku so much for liking Ruchika. These are everyday moments we both share...

    3. Thanku so much for liking Ruchika. These are everyday moments we both share...

  2. Loved reading your post Shilpa! I have an elder brother and while reading this I replaced you with him and it was exactly like how things happen between us ! :D


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