Monday 21 September 2015

A Unique Accessory Haul from ShopMissA

Hello Everyone 

I am very excited to share one of my recent shopping experience. Infact it makes me really happy every time I show my readers what I shopped and from where. But this time my joy knows no bound because I got a chance to shop from World's No. 1 fashion retailer ShopMissA 

ShopMissA is an extraordinary store trading in numerous selections of trendy fashion accessories. You just need to name your desire, and they'll present you with fascinating pieces of jewellery, hair accessories, cosmetics, charms, tools and much more. But that doesn't make them Unique !!
The fun part while shopping from ShopMissA is that everything on ShopMissA is $1.00 ... Simply mind blowing!!

Gosh! its not the end of the fun story... the shipping charges of ShopMissA are also nominal as compared to other websites, which are:
  • To U.S: $3.95
  • To Canada: $5.95
  • All International: $9.95
The orders are shipped as early as 1-3 days after approval and a confirmation email is sent to the customer when the order is shipped from their fulfillment center. I could regularly track the location of my parcel as they provided me with proper tracking no. I received my order in exactly two week's time including weekends, so that is pretty quick considering it traveled all the way long from US. 
So now the time to show you what all I ordered ;)
Nail Paints
it exactly matched my dress 

Lipsticks and Concealer Crayon

Mask Sheets

Dual Eyeliner, Cuticle pen and Foundation

Oversize Earrings

Necklaces and Eyeshadow Palette

Nail Stickers

Silver Pouch

Hair Accessories
Tattoo, Adjustable Waist belt, No Show Socks

loved these sunglasses
Impressed with the collection?? Wanna shop for yourself or your loved ones?? Why pay more when you get fill in your cart at $1 for each product :) Place your order by click on ShopMissA ..
You may also connect with their social media accounts here Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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  1. You have shopped some amazing stuff! Me it be nail paints, earrings or the nail stickers. The sunglasses are cool :)

    1. I agree. I am so overjoyed to shop from Miss A that I want to place another order very soon ;)

  2. This is awesome ! Loved those nail paints - you should have put a pic of your nails :)

    1. Thanks dear.. You wish, my command. Added the pic of my nails wearing those nail paints :) tell me how did they appeal you now :P

    2. Thank you !! Loved the nails ! You nails look b'tiful

  3. this is mind-blowing !!!! how are those face - masks ? review plz !

    1. Glad you like my haul ;) I am yet to use those masks, will review for sure !

  4. Loved all the products Shilpa!

  5. Nice review , It good to see that You got very good stuff at That price .
    How about the quality of products ??

    1. Used some of the products. Quality is quite good.

    2. Thanks for replying , now I would also try this website .

    3. I bet it will be a pleasant experience if you shop with them :)

  6. Wowww amazing products n satisfying review... Loving ur nails 💅 👌❤

  7. How much import duty did you have to pay ???


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