Tuesday 1 September 2015

Will Start Up Problems Last Anymore?

We are just common men, leading our routine, regular lives in our comfort zone. At frequent instances, when we witness something troublesome happening in front of our eyes, the instant laid back reaction is "chalta hai yaar". Okie, tell me what did you do when you notice someone engraving marks on historical monuments, probably you would say "Ye sab to chalta hai yaar"... Whats your take when you notice someone peeing on footpaths, roads or walls.... again its not a new scene for Indian society, so you just roll your eyes and disappear from the sight thinking "Chalta hai yaar"...
"Chalta Hai
” is a phrase that has become quite synonymous to Indian society. This attitude is so prevalent among all of us that the situation becomes rather comical ..
Recently a comic video clip from Vistaprint.in turned my attention to yet another aspect of this "Chalta Hai" attitude..
Think of the business related aspect of this societal situation. But this "Dekhte Hain" mentality seizes the opportunity.
Start ups face number of sad n funny experiences throughout their journey..
Bankruptcy is the worst nightmare that entrepreneurs can have in the quest of keeping the expenditure manageable. Thanks to family who prevents such situation and supports them financially. Do we need billions in pocket to take initiative??
The innovative ideas that sound promising to start ups need to be laid presentable and got no Business Plan ready. Gosh! feels trapped :/ Whom to hire??
Talking about futuristic resolutions, funding or stakes, the situation looks no better than driving without destination...
Making family and friends understand why you turned down the heavy pay packet is the ultimate provocation I bet.
India is failing to flourish despite brilliant brains just because of this "let it be", "leave it" or "doesn't matter" behaviour. 90% of the startups fail during the first year of inception because of such #StartUpProblems that remain uncured and unrepaired till eternity.
Our society, if affected enough of this willingness to easily compromise, would soon start to move downwards..So gone are the days, when the rest of the world turned a blind eye to our "Chalta Hai" attitude. Vistaprint.in brings on the quick-fix solutions to mend the broken promises..
At Vistaprint.in, the skilled team works on the patented technology whose vision is to deliver professional-quality printing at affordable prices even in small quantities that is suited for both business owners and individuals to conveniently create and order their custom materials online. The one, who is not-going-with Indian way of "Chalta hai" may challenge the system now and perhaps can set an excellent surviving example with customized business and marketing material. No other easy way to #ChaltaHaiKoChaltaKaro than relying on world class printing experience with Vistaprint.in
“Done is better than perfect” is the core message that may tackle the challenges of start ups. One needs to evolve as the market trends do, inject some cultural traits into the business since its start, and finally entertain the risk upto the point of their build up ...By ‘buildup’ I mean the ‘assets, not the pressure on heart ;)
So, now explore the horizons of start ups playing smart ..

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