Thursday 24 September 2015

IHA Boro Heal Foot Care Scrub Bar Review

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Hope you read my recent post where I shared some of my fav foot care products. On receiving good response for the same, I just thought of continuing with the same theme i.e. foot care and decided to share my experience about one of the product that I bet, will steal your heart. The product is Boro Heal Foor Care Scrub Bar from IHA Vedic Beauty. Read on to know why is it so dear to me ;)
Product Info:
IHA Boro Heal Foot Care Scrub Bar is specially formulated to provide tender care to your feet. It gently exfoliates the dead hard skin, dirt, grime, toxins & infections from your feet & heels, making them soft, supple & smooth. It's natural antiseptics & healing agents help removing infections & healing cracks, resulting in softer, smooth heels & heals the feet in a short time.

The foot scrub bar comes in cardboard box with all details mentioned on it like how to use it, what has gone into its formulation, price n quantity etc. A big hole cutout on the cardboard box shows the soap without opening the packaging. The soap bar itself is neatly sealed in clear sheet.

Natural extract of Turmeric Root oil, Sandalwood oil, Aloe Leaf oil, Karanj oil, Borax, Luffa Fruit Fiber.
Price: Rs. 120
Weight:100 gms
Shelf Life: 3 Years
My Experience:
This foot scrub bar had been the reason I got attracted towards IHA products. I had fallen for it in the first sight honestly. May be because I wanted n needed it so desperately. This foot scrub bar looks so irresistible in its gorgeous green color. And I also liked its round shape for a change unlike other usual ones.  

The uniqueness of this soap bar is that it has luffa fruit fiber embedded in it that is purely obtained from specific fruits. You may relate it to the loofahs we used to get from mature, dried gourd in olden days. The same had been replaced by the commercially available loofahs since many years now. But finding this scrub bar with natural luufa into it, I am really delighted.
As you scrub it on your wet feet and heels, it tickles your feet ;) The scrubbing effect can be experienced right from the very first use of the bar, which keeps on getting more prominent after every use. The benefit of having a natural luffa in the soap is that they are softer and enriched with nature's healing properties since they are grown on earth. These luffas are firm, but are not likely to scratch the skin like abrasive scrubbers.

The soap bar produces creamy lather that doesn't cause dryness since it is infused with some nourishing oils. The soap has lovely fragrance that lasts for really long. I take it as a plus point because it would also be helping fight odor. I can feel the smell in my hands after scrubbing the soap on my feet. 
The infusion of Karanj Oil makes the soap effective to tackle skin diseased or infections because Karanj is said to be one of the most advantageous ayurvedic medicine to treat skin problems. The minor cracks in the heels get healed after prolonged usage. So using this scrub bar on your feet and heels not only ensures smooth exfoliated skin, but also guarantees the skin to be bacteria free.

For utmost benefit, I would suggest to apply a rich foot cream to soften tough skin on your heels.

Removes dead skin from feet n heels.
Heals & repairs cracked heels.
Fights Infections.
Smells Lovely.
Creamy feel on scrubbing.
Has antiseptic properties.
Causes no scratches on skin.
Doesn't melt excessively.
Good Price.

Can't think of any.

I would conclude by strongly recommending IHA Boro Heal Foor Care Scrub Bar to everyone who want soft pampered feet ;)

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  1. Wow ! Never ever seen such an awesome product !!! :)

    1. I also felt so amazed to see it for the first time and I love it to the core :)

  2. I have this and quite like it.

  3. I have used Iha's sunscream and it was nice. The most amazing thing I like in this soap is luffa within it.
    And the essential oil doesn't leave any dryness. Good soap

    1. This soap has everything u can ask for. Infact better than I expected.

  4. I have to try this. It sounds perfect. I use vaadi herbals foot care soap, while I absolutely love this I would also like to try more options.

    1. Its a must try product Sangeeta. And thanks for letting me know about Vaadi. I am yet to try that brand.

  5. Nice affordable option for foot care... Would like to try this for my cracked heels...

  6. Product seems good , would surely try .

    1. its not just good but wonderful product for footcare :) Must try

  7. Looks like a great product. I would love to try it.

    1. This foot scrub bar is one of the most useful footcare product I have ever used for myself. U will definitely love it.


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