Friday 25 September 2015

Glomed Face Wash by Ethicare Remedies -Review

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If you have been reading my blog since last few months and entered one of my biggest giveaway sponsored by team Ethicare, many of you must have received the product which I am going to review today. This product Glomed Face Wash was sent to more than 50 participants that time and I somehow got to use and review it now ;)  
The facewash comes in a soft transparent tube. The tube has flip open cap with a hole pierced inside. The cap is tight enough. The tube houses in outer cardboard box on which entire product description is printed. 

Key Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid, Liqcorice extract, Pro Vit B5, Aloevera.

Price: Rs. 160 
Qty: 60 gms. 
My take on the product:
The face wash is a thick concentrate that looks light pink in the tube, but is translucent as you pour some on your palm. There are micro beads of bright pink color in the face wash that make it look so pretty. 
The face wash smells nice. You need just a pea sized of liquid for cleansing your entire face. 
The micro beads don't actually give you a feeling on your skin as they vanish as soon as you mix the facewash with water on your palm. The skin feels cleansed properly taking away all kinds of impurities. The face wash packaging mentions that it is meant for oily skin and recommends using it thrice a day for good results. But I use it only once a day usually before going to bed in the night as my skin is more of dry to normal side. The facewash didn't cause me any breakouts though.
Now talking about the claims of the product that it reduces wrinkles and improves complexion, I need some more time to comment on it as its been around 10-12 days of usage. The facewash has surely improved texture of my skin. The liqcorice is one of the natural source of fairness, and tends to make it fairer if used regularly. Also Aloe Vera soothes the hurt skin and keeps it hydrated for longer. I like Pro Vitamin B5 in the formulation that enhances regeneration of new skin cells and gives youthful appearance. Overall, I have experienced no irritation or side effects, and I feel like continuing with its use. It has appropriate combination of ingredients to soften and brighten the skin.

Nicely concentration
Better efficacy
Offers aesthetic appeal with microbeads.
Good lathering effect.
Irritation free cleansing.
Attractive, elegant pack.
Smell Good.

Expensive for the quantity offered.

**PR Sample


  1. I tried other products of Ethicare remedies and loved it. I'd like to try out this product too...

    1. Go ahead dear. They create their products with great thought.

  2. Seems like a fairly decent face wash.

  3. I have the facewash for oily skin and I find it good.
    You have reviewed it so well.

  4. I have tried Ethicare's Acmed face wash for oily skin , its good .This one also seems good.

    1. Yes Ghazala, Acmed is yet another good product. I will review it soon.

  5. Ethicare has lot of good products. Please update on whether it helps to reduce wrinkles and improve complexion after using it for more days...

  6. Thanks you you have reviewed it very well

  7. You have reviewed it nicely

  8. I am looking for a good face wash. My skin is normal to dry type. my skin is sensitive and gets tanned easily. So I am looking for a skin lightening face wash. I came to know about glomed face wash. so thought of going through the reviews before buying the product. still confused whether I have to go ahead with glomed or try something better. any suggestions are highly welcome. :)


    1. For multiple skin concerns, its bit difficult to suggest one multitasking product. Bcz any of the recommended product may or may not address all your problem areas in a justified manner.


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