Wednesday 23 July 2014

Black Magic or Magic of Black ??

Hey Everyone,
This post is in continuation with my previous post where I expressed my lust for BLACK :P 

1. Blending Passion with Purpose

Taking long business trips frequently becomes a grueling experience at times and arranging rides to and from the location needs massive efforts... On my way to such trips, I usually take time to ponder my thoughts on how to make my business trips almost as relaxing as a vacation. Yup, for this reason only there is an item topping my black lust-list since ages.... thats an automobile marvel, A BUSSINESS VAN in SHINY BLACK that makes everyone feel envious to me ;)
Dealing with business chaos within luxurious yet private surroundings on the road itself, can ease down someone's mental anxiety to greater extent sitting on those ergonomically adapted air-conditioned seats having a word with clients/partners.

 A punch of entertainment can lighten the environment with hi-tech multimedia peripherals on the go. Wow, feeling already on a drive in my dream vehicle ;)

2.  An Obedient Helper

I'd been familiar with AI (Artificial Intelligence) since I did my graduation n honestly felt tantalize to believe that someday we would be proudly operating some human-like devices that is simply going to behave like a genie to follow us without raising its brows.
Thanks to the futuristic robotics that I'm able to add a humanoid robot to my Black wishlist that can contribute in the noble cause of reconnaissance and rescue operations for my country.

3. Unparalleled Beauty of a Musical Masterpiece


"Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it." 
Imagine a story being knitted while listening to piano with doors of your eyes closed for the outer world and you will realize godliness taking over you !!
The presence of music unlocks the fullness of our life with its melodious beats tinkling into your ears and not allowing any sorrows touch you :)

4. Soulmate to My Tech-Quench 

Now, Its high time to confess to the world who is keeping me awake till this moment late night :P I know your eyes are looking for its pic ;) You guessed it right!! This drooly gadget took my breath away with its stunning looks features ... Awww, I'm getting madder n crazier every passing moment to touch it, feel it and own it for life long...

5. Light Up My Life

There is nothing as elegant as a modern + classy jet black Chandelier that creates a gentle cascade of light making the place lively and noticable. Though I would prefer to have one with CFL compatibility to save energy for my sweet home ;) But I believe the timeless elegance of a chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it is placed!

Willing to pen down some more exclusive BLACK items... do share whats on ur wish list :)
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  1. really its true, black beauty rule the world. even i like the black colour as it make me look thin :P


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