Sunday 20 July 2014

Passionate for everything as long as its in 'BLACK' ..

A young mind of 8, sitting besides me, just expressed his interpretation of BLACK to me saying "mumma, i enjoy seeing dense black, rainy, thunderstorm clouds above my head when they pour happiness on me" :D
How innocently he gave me a quick start for this post !!
BLACK, in all forms, has always been a CHARMER to me... It creates an aura of mystery and intrigue that I enjoy being in. 
Wearing all BLACK feels like wrapped in royal sophistication, whereas a hint of BLACK makeup makes me look sensational n sassy ;)
My BLACK smart phone, desktop n laptop spontaneously invite me closer for a soft touch to them ;)
Those BLACK household stuff never fails to prove itself more efficient in performance ...
And yess!! I remember that long wait of 30-40 days to own my first car only in color BLACK :D
Even though I own so much in BLACK, the list is never ending i believe :P So taking only 5 of them is a task indeed ...
The BLACK BEAUTIES topping my wishlist are...

1. Dark Kitchen

I long for remodelling my kitchen into a black island always... The BLACK interiors and cabinets in a kitchen in contrast with lighter hued walls and counter-tops complimented with natural light coming in definitely sounds luxuriously aesthetic to me.  The splash of bronze in lower portion to do the trick of being jewel of kitchen is apt for fine finish :)

2. Pearls

The alluring beauty of deep midnight BLACK PEARLS never captivated me until my beloved (die hard fan of Bryan Adams) sang for me "Black pearl, yeah, my kinda girl. Just the kind of thing to rock my world."  Though I'm still wondering if he meant to point out my wheatish complexion or wanted to let me know my worth in his life by saying i'm priceless for him ;) But the point is that i'm longing for that seductive, exotic, rare and breathtakingly beautiful gem in BLACK for myself <3

3. Camera

An amateur photographer like me can only dream silly of owning a pro-camera like Canon EOS 5D Mark III :P But photpgraphy is something that lets me be an 'Artistic Me'. The dazzling moments that my eyes love and my soul adores are captured with an exceptionally higher dose of drama with a camera. And the gorgeous beauty like the one shown below will inject unbeatable dynamism in my passion someday :)

 4. Cake:

No celebration is complete without a cake-cutting ceremony, and what if I call "LIFE' itself as a 'CELEBRATION' ;)
Believe it or not; the divine flavour, aroma, texture and wow taste of a dark chocolate cake is the most sinful treat for every cocoa lover like me...infact while writing this, i've already decided to bake one now, coz this is the one in my wishlist always !!

5. Tresses Talk

The real beauty of a woman dwells in her dark tresses that can entangle the heart of her lover in its coils <3 Sounds somewhat poetic and romatic, u see. I'm blessed with nice long, black hair and feel proud like God has carved out a real gem for myself. but I really feel scared imagining myself with gray hair someday. So my wish is to flaunt them for next twenty years more atleast ;) 

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