Saturday 19 July 2014

Zest For Life - My Supreme Preference....

W. Somerset Maugham once said "It requires the feminine temperament to repeat the same thing three times with unabated zest."

I smiled and my spontaneous thought was like "when each of us is destined to perform one or the other task every single moment, then what's so special in a woman's performance??" The answer lies in the same quote. Its the zeal that we continue showing in all our responsibilities with full strength and force without becoming weaker.

Talking about myself, this zest is sprinkled all over my life when I encounter these lovely happenings....

Angelic Smiles

Those who know me personally would have frequently heard me saying "Share some smiles, Collect some memories" I'm a firm believer of the fact truly. Even I don't mind exchanging a generous, courteous smile with unknown faces I come across walking across the roads, in market or at malls etc. The warm smile on my face not only enhances the beauty of my facial expressions, but leaves a lasting impression in others minds too. 
And imagine, how easily that ice breaks with a loving smile when I'm on a cold-war with my hubby darling ;)
Hey, how can i not mention the divine pleasure that I experience when my junior rewards me with a naughty yet innocent smile proving the fact how cute can these kids look even when tooth-fairy has already taken few of their milk-teeth ;)
My Junior's Smile Adding Zest To My Life Always and My Blog Now
Accolades 'n' Appreciation
There are those self-motivated people who just move on-n-on without someone at their back to provide them a support, but others need a slight push in the form of li'l appreciation or encouraging words. I myself fall in the later category. I feel charged with zesty boost just with a small acknowledgement for my achievements or actions.... be it my kitchen after serving a newly experimented dish, my workplace after covering an event successfully or after learning the first lesson of driving. Motivation is that driver that holds my hand and inspires me to perform zestfully everytime :)
Award of Excellence in Education
  Like-Minded People
Real world is not structured for us to fortunately meet n greet people with similar tastes, opinions, attitudes or interests everytime. We all have clashes with partner, colleagues or friends in our thought process. At times, I strive to have a companion with whom my thoughts might gel-well. So, eventually and luckily when I get to know someone in-n-out and realize "oh,wow! our views are not contradicting"; my heart really jumps with joy saying "here's the zing i needed to pump energy in my life."
thinking about u
For me, travelling always comes with a joy of lifetime. I relieve my stress and anxiety of excessively-burdened lifestyle by planning family trips to far away places which are less-travelled by public generally. I always talk a lot for so many days (infact for months) about my travel experiences and the fading charm for life implicitely gets itself reignited in place. And knowing about new traditions, communities, food etc. is definitely icing on the cake.
My trip to Hampi

Reliving the Treasured Moments

I love flipping the pages of my old photo albums as n when I feel nostalgic. The cherished moments spent with family, friends, relatives and even some unplanned random clicks that turned out to be my masterpiece never fail to add that zest in my life. After spending hours with sweet nostalgia, a contented feeling spreads all around to make me feel like a blessed child of Almighty.
Childhood memories of Raksha Bandhan

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