Saturday 30 June 2018

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes Review

The nation today is advocating creating of products that have minimal or no environmental impact. A branch of chemical engineering called Green Chemistry is exclusively focussing on creating materials that degrade quickly and safely in the environment.

Wondering how this information is related to my review today?? Well! today I'm reviewing a 100% biodegradable product that can be a mom's first step towards saving environment and the product is Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes.
A product which is gentle and skin-safe for the baby can never miss the eye of a mom. While looking for good quality disposable wipes, the pack of Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes caught my attention as I read the word 'water' on the label and I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

The wipes come in a resealable pack in which the wipes are clinged to each other. You may just peel the sticker off to take out a wipe and press the sticker back in place so that the wipes don't come in contact with air and get dry.
Key Ingredients-
Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract & Jojoba oil (refer image below for detailed list)
The wipes are made up of natural plant-based fabric minus polyster which makes them skin-friendly as well as nature-friendly. Once you discard a used wipe, it'll get broken back down into its component parts over time as it is compostable. With it's cottony fabric and 98% water based formulation, cleaning with Mother Sparsh water wipes is as good as using soft cotton and pure water on your baby's soft skin. The gentle formula and dermatological test done on the product are assurance for preventing rashes or skin allergies. So fret not if you need to wipe off the delicate skin of your new born with these wipes. Even if you use the wipes multiple times every day, it's pH balanced formula won't disturb skin's pH balance and will allow the pH of the skin to work as a defensive mechanism against impurities, bacteria and pollutants.
Other than using these wipes for cleaning baby's face, undersrams and bum; I've used tested these on myself too and I realized that they don't dry my skin since these are free from alcohol, parabens, artificial colours, or any harsh chemicals. Rather the key ingredients Aloe Vera and Jojobo Oil contrinute towards skin moisturization. If my skin is happy using these, I'm the baby's skin would be comfortable too.

I like it's mild fragrance too. I know the baby doesn't bother whether it's perfumed or not, but if you're using these wipes for various other purposes like me, then this fragrance gonna make you feel fresh. The wet wipes are good substitute of makeup cleaning wipes, intimate wipes or a liquid hand sanitizer. You may use these to temporarily tame your flyaways when not willing to use a hair spray. They also come handy to remove tea stains from furniture or clean your handbag. So practically these wipes can be your saviour in many life situations.
Last but not the least, this pack is value for money. The MRP of a pack of 80 wipes is Rs. 195 that has already been slashed to Rs. 175 (as printed on the pack), and I got a good bargain at Rs. 146 when ordered online.
Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes are definitely an answer to every mom's concern to find a pure, harmless and skin-friendly product over many conventional cleansing wipes that can be perfect for daily use on baby’s sensitive skin.

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