Friday 29 June 2018

Discover Celestial Paradise at Assam

"Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it." 

Speaking of the delight of enjoying beauty of a 'garden', the first thing that comes to my mind is luscious, emerald-green tea estates that I've always admired in Hindi movies and travel magazines. A nature-walk amidst the peaceful environment of leisurely tea gardens is destined to mesmerise a tea-lover like me.

Our rich-cultured nation can boast of many flourished tea cultivation regions in different parts of the country, but the red river state Assam is definitely worth your time. Assam, also known as the 'Tea Capital of the World' is actually a perfect escape from our hectic schedule and rejuvenates you deep down the soul.
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Some of the highlights for your Assam tour should be-

Wildlife Sighting:
While Assam's Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for providing habitat to two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses, threatened species and migratory birds; Saikhowa National Park has been declared as one of the biodiversity hot spots in the world and is home for many rare and endangered species. Manas National Park, again a well-known site, is the only place in Assam that is covered under the Project Tiger. Gibbon wildlife sanctuary, Orang National Park, Nameri National Park- all make Assam an ideal one to plan for wildlife holidays.
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Tea Tourism:
Quite similar to 'Wine Tourism' popular in  European countries, a relatively newer and innovative concept by the Assam Tourism i.e Tea Tourism is catching up to give its tourists an incredible experience of staycation at heritage bungalows being the relics of British colonial era. Some of admired bungalows are Hunlal Tea Estate Bungalow, Thengal Manor in Jorhat, Bungalows of Balipara, Charduar and Basha Tea Estate etc. Not only you get to stay at these luxurious bungalows, but you get opportunity to visit factories to get a closer look at tea processing and tasting. The cultural activities organised exclusively for the visitors bring about the historic indulgence.
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Assam Tea Festival:
If you happen to visit Assam in the month of November, don't miss being a part of the fusion of tea, music and recreation at the Assam Tea festival hosted by the Assam Tourism. The festival is a great time to mingle with Assamese and appreciate their culture. For a travel enthusiast, many entertaining activities like a visit to the Golf course, jungle safari, angling, river rafting and romantic river cruises are rolled into one magnificent event.

Adventure Sport:
Beyond the soothing lush greens, Assam has lot of scope for eveything to give you an intense adrenaline rush amidst the curvy mountains, gushing rivers and open skies. The aquasports lovers can thrill themselves with boat racing in the cold waters at Hajo, Saulkuchi or Barpeta. If you're somewhere near Kamakhya hills, Parasailing and Hang Gliding are must try. The most ideal site for Angling in Assam is river Jia Bhoroli, Kapil and Manas. If you come to climb the hills, then the Karbi hills and the Cachar hills are the best places for trekking by the mountaineers.
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Tocklai Tea Research Centre
Asia’s largest and oldest tea research institute located in Jorhat, Assam where research on tea cultivation is being conducted since its establishment in 1911. The guesthouse in Tocklai built in 1926 has now been declared a heritage building and one has to avail prior permission from the Tocklai Administrative Office to stay over. The scientists at the institure are ready to set up an initiation in the field of diversified product of Assam tea by fermentation of different type of tea with different stimulating organic agents for beneficial properties on human health.

Once you're decided on what aspect of Assam travel you would be exploring to the depths, make sure to tickle your tastebuds with flavourful traditional Assamese Cuisine. Delicious pork, chicken and mutton dishes like Khaar, Maasor Tenga, Paro Manxho, Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura will leave the non-vegetarians craving for more. But there are abundant of lip smacking vegetarian dishes like
Koldilor Bor, Aloo and Baingan Pitika, Mohura Pitha, Bhendir sorsori, Bootor dali for a tummyful of contentment.
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I hope I've excited you enough for your next holiday at picturesque green vista of manicured tea estates of Assam. So go get travelling to discover the hospitable population, distinctive cuisine and a vibrant artistic heritage of India.


  1. A tour of the Assam region sounds amazing, with luxury accommodation, wildlife tours and tea tasting!

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  3. I would love to visit Assam. It is so beautiful!

  4. The way you have describe Assam makes me want to visit. It is so beautiful and I would love to visit and tour the gardens and drink tea.

  5. Assam looks like an amazing destination to explore! Your pictures speak for itself how splendid it is!


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