Wednesday 6 June 2018

Bring Your Walls To Life, Let The Colours Express Themselves

A house doesn’t seem finished without some great pieces of artwork on the walls. They cast a life into the bland walls. Whilst you have a numerous of varieties to choose from, wall paintings are one of the best options to complete your furnishing. One of the best online stores to get your artwork done is PortraitFlip for your home decor.

From the vast varieties, art forms have to offer, PortraitFlip has chosen some of the best options which are apt for a home. It is not only essential for the mental health of the people living in it, but it also acts as a focal point and helps to spruce up the walls.
The following are the diversification they offer in home decor according to the diverse audience they serve.
1. Buddha Painting 
Spirituality is the key aspect of many people around the world. What could be more soothing and refreshing than having to look at the beholder of spirituality every now and then?
2. Religious Paintings 
Human beings seek a purpose in their lives which is given by a religion. Having a symbol of your religious beliefs painted and put up will constantly remind one of o]the beauty of having faith in something.
3. Abstract Paintings
Abstract art is one of the best way to channelise the energy within one. What one feels cannot be better expressed than in the form of art.
4. Figurative Painting, Superheroes Painting and Celebrity Painting
Everybody has that one special person in life whom he or she idealizes and looks upon. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recurrently look at the face who constantly reminds you to be motivated and focused?
5. Wildlife Paintings
Loving an animal awakens that part of your soul which could have never been otherwise touched. Animal lovers are so full of generosity, empathy and sentimentality. Your favourite animal brings out a quality in you. How about getting that quality boldly portrayed on the walls of your home?
6. Landscape Paintings
For the travel enthusiasts, a scene of beauty is a joy forever. Marking some exotic scenery permanently as a part of your home decor would definitely be so exciting. 
7. Flower Paintings
Each flower and each of its variety of colours is symbolic of a different emotion present within. Flaunt them out with your favourite ones being framed and involved as your home decor.
8. Pet Paintings
Pets are a very dominant part of the owner’s life. Their dismissal can be really woeful. Get your favourite picture of your pet painted and hence you preserve one of your favourite memories. 
9. Village Life
To be attached to one's roots is one of the best ways to stay connected to the pleasures of simplicity. Having a warm memory of your native place is nothing lesser than a blessing. 
10.Vintage Cars and Bikes 
For the young riders who behold their destination or the old ones, beholding the direction, having a picture of their favourite ride from the epoch being painted.

Apart from offering such a vast and versatile variety, they also offer a number of mediums of paintings, namely, watercolours, oil paintings, pencil or charcoal sketch, pencil colours etc. All these masterpieces work more than just decoration. These wall arts are a part of your interior design that carries you away in a flow of thoughts and releases stress.

PortraiFlip has to offer free shipment worldwide. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed. They assure 100% money back without asking any questions in case of a dissatisfied customer. Each artist give in their best for the smile of our happy customers. They have superior customer services and exceptional product value. With a multi-tire quality check process and lowest prices guaranteed, PortraitFlip definitely is the best website for this job.

Also, all sorts of customized paintings are done here and for any occasion. Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion; PortraitFlip happily customizes your portrait to make your gift very special and touching for your loved one.Some of our Completed gifting products are shown below. You can also see a list of their completed orders.

To order, you just need to upload your fond picture and select the medium and size. You are notified via email when the painting starts. After the completion of the painting, its sent to the customer for approval. If the customer require any revision, we welcome the suggestions wholeheartedly. The product is not shipped until the customer is completely satisfied.
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  1. Paintings definitely gives home a certain nice It adds to the aesthetic appeal.

  2. I love paintings like this in my home. I have a couple that I really cherish. I will have to check out this company.

  3. I love adding art to my home! I'm still looking for the PERFECT piece to go above my mantel. I really like the flower that you posted as #7 . . . although I think I might want something a little more punchy colorwise. I will look into PortraitFlip. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love to turn photos into paintings for my home. My favorite photos are ones of places that I have visited.

  5. Wow! I never knew this and I love wall arts, its one of my favorite. And the collection are so good, thanks for sharing

  6. This made me realise how lain my walls are, I literally have no paintings I need to add some.

  7. I love these ideas! We do have some art up. Mostly it's family photos though, because I prefer memories!

  8. The paintings look amazing! I personally love landscape and wildlife paintings. I will check out PortraitFlip. Thank you for sharing this!

  9. I like how you categorized different paintings/pictures. Art is so essential in home decor!

  10. all these paintings are gorgeous and love the landscape ones. art is so beautiful my mom always said to start your art collecion young.

  11. great ideas here! I myself has a Buddha painting to remind me of home so for me it is both decorative and personal!

  12. We have quite a bit of art and different pictures around our home, we actually need more room to try and get everything up we have to be honest.

  13. Such an awesome way to dress up your walls! I think it's really nice to have a piece of artwork especially in common areas. It adds life to any room!

  14. I love landscape paintings and wood prints. I have several in my new home

  15. These are some great paintings. I have a few in my house and love them. It adds nice color and texture to walls.

  16. That's some great artwork. I really need to get some artwork in my new home. My walls are totally bare. Portrait Flip sounds like a great service.

  17. I completely agree with you, artwork makes a home feel lived in. I currently have iron art on my walls in the living room.

  18. Art Movements are simply a historical convenience for grouping together artists of a certain period or style so that they may be understood within a specific context.


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