Monday 4 June 2018

Checkpoints For Your Next Biking Essentials Purchase

We all have stories of secret crushes from our college days. I still remember my friends would dig guys who ride bikes and would do everything to impress them. And I was the one who would stare at the cool motorbikes instead of the rider. Back in 90s, there weren't many girls who would consider a bike with tank full of fuel and open roads as their passion. I, with my sister, would rent bikes occasionally and would eat dirt on roads to keep our biking passion alive.
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Time changes everything except something that is 'within' us. Recently when I was invited to be a member of a All-Women Bikers group, I could see myself revving up my bike, wearing a leather jacket, gloves and sunglasses before going off a sight-seeing. I quickly browsed some online websites dealing in biking & biker essentials to get myself ready for the event. I chanced upon a website Bike Bandit that offers powersport parts and accessories for almost all kinds of vehicles. Before I could start my shopping with them, I had an online chat with their expert to guide me on certain points that cleared my doubts in the first hand.

Well! I know there are many women like me who must be feeling that spark of biking in their heart right now. So let me take you all on a quick tour what all you need to get ready with for a biking tour-

Motorcycle Gloves 
Honestly, I'm a big fan of biking gloves. Not because they look stylish but they're the tools to save your hands from abrasion while riding your motorcycle. I personally have met with a few accidents in the past and experienced that high quality gloves bear the impact of jolt in the event of a fall/crash. You must get a pair made of professional-grade material. Try different fits and sizes of different brands until you feel comfortable  to enhance your grip.  
Biking Helmet:
Helmets that are cheap and compromise in quality standard should never be purchased. Don't even go for complex design rather pick one as per proper measurements of your head. It should offer ease of movement and should not slide down in case the rider falls off the bike. The helmets with inner padding will absorb the sweat. Lastly your helmet must have visors covering your full face till chin area.
Riding Apparel
These days one piece suits are in the markets as preferred biking clothing, but I feel those may cause occasional discomfort for women riders (hope you understand what I mean). Consider abrasion/ impact resistant women leather motorcycle jackets paired with pants as your saviour if you want flexibility. Sporty women riders should buy a well-made and well-fitted two-piece suit that doesn't flap in the wind and shouldn't disturb you while riding. Weather-protective material, mid-waist length, recognisable colour, zipper enclosure and multi-pocketed are some factors that should be looked into during your purchase. 
Frequent bikers should keep a dedicated backpack handy for their trips and tours that is compatible to your needs. It should have compartments to store your daily essentials, refreshment, wires/plugs, first aid kit and probably your laptop too. Look for a backpack with waist and chest straps, external bottle holder, ventilated back, padded shoulders, double inner stitching and of course a decent snugly fit.
To keep your passion for motorbiking running high, do make sure to pay attention to all the checkpoints that offer you most protection and functionality besides looking smart. 


  1. I have a friend who has been doing this sort of thing since she was a little girl and she eats, breathes, and sleeps it! I'm passing on this post to her so she can look at all the fabulous things you've mentioned!

  2. Awesome tips!!! I'd love to do this one day. I'll def do lessons first to get the safety down pat!

  3. My boyfriend used to have this hobby and am his cheerer! I never tried riding coz am scared.

  4. Oh wow how cool is this! My friends partnet loves bike's so this is right up his street x

  5. Fantastic! My sister is a biker and I always wonder what gifts I can give her.

  6. This post is just TOO perfect! Becoming a biker has been on my wish list since I was like 12 years old and I'm finally taking steps to making it a reality. SHH.. don't tell my family.

  7. Oh my goodness, I wanted a bike so bad but I settled for a mustang lol. So, I'm definitely feeling these items as must haves for any biker.

  8. I would get the coolest suit and helmet to wear with my bilking kit! Such a cool post. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies Kill Bill.

  9. my bestie has a motorcycle and we were thinking of going on a mini trip together. I need to send her this post and start getting organized because time is flying by!

  10. Nice gear. Love the selection of head gear as well.

  11. Being a biker , you need to understand all these things are really essential. my brother would love to read this as he is obsessed with bike and these things :)


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