Monday 14 November 2016

Pamper Your Skin With AHA Skin Polishing ft. Aroma Essentials

While your mind is keeping you more than occupied, don't forget to take care of your skin. If you are trapped in similar situation like I'm, don't panic to find your skin misbehaving in this changing weather; simply catch up on your favourite skin care products and indulge into some self-pampering time.

I confess that I've been really careless for my skin since last one month or so, and of course the effect can be seen on different parts of my body. To rescue my skin from more damage, I took a skin exfoliating treatment at home using Aha Sugar Polish sent by Aroma Essentials.
Skin Polishing is an exfoliation treatment much like scrubbing, but the purpose varies. While the scrubs are meant to clean the outer layer of the skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil; the skin polishing targets moisturizing n smoothening the skin by exfoliating the already cleansed skin and bring the radiance out.

The Aha Sugar Polish as the name suggests uses Brown Sugar as the base ingredient which is really gentle on skin. The other ingredients include Tamarind Powder, Jaggery, Lavender Buds Powder, Sugar Powder, Walnut Powder Apricot Oil, Castile Soap. I can confidently say that I've found the most indulgent natural ingredients in the AE products and using these products add to my knowledge too ;)

Aha Sugar Polish is a thick, brown colored, abrasive product with heavenly fragrance. The product is to be used during the shower on the wet skin, left on skin for 10 minutes and then rub gently before rinsing off. 
This grainy mixture of skin-sloughing ingredients instantly rid your skin off dry, flaking skin on rough areas of body like elbow joints and knuckles. But be gentle with your rubbing strokes as the ingredients in the product do not dissolve cent-percent and may leave marks on skin if you are aggressive. There is visible improvement on my back skin after using it twice. A moisturised layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin is all what I wanted and achieved. The only thing I wish is to add some more essential oils in the product for extra dry skin so that a body lotion can be completely skipped post shower. For making my experience more productive, I recreated the sugar polish by adding few drops of sweet almond oil and enjoyed really soft and silky skin packed with little more moisture.
If you are using it on delicate skin of your face, limit the use twice a month only. The sugar polish is suitable to almost all skin types including sensitive skin and doesn't break out. The aroma of the product stays for some time after washing your skin off and the ingredients used in it keep on relaxing and stimulating your senses. 

The 100 gm packaging of the sugar polish is priced at Rs 650/-
So next time, when it's the time for a hot shower, don't forget to carry Aha Sugar Polish along and come out with glowing skin.


  1. thanks for explaining the difference between scrub & polish

  2. Wow... the scrub looks yummy. Will definitely try it out. And I never knew the difference between scrub and polish. Thanks for explaining.

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