Monday 21 November 2016

Best Buddies and Best Brands Make Up The Best Celebrations

"The night we partied until dawn was the best time I had in my life." 
I say this to my gang of buddies every time we have a celebration together. Call me freakish, but I’m not the one who waits for an occasion to hang out with friends, just a bite from party bug and the fun is on... While I declare my undying love for my friends, isn't this feeling worth celebrating :) 
For my gang, we either fall for a delectable menu and some fine textured drinks served at a tranquil place at times, or just like to make some noise on the dance floor. Either way, we raise the toast to such get-togethers to relax, forget work and have a good time with fun-loving friends. 
And hey! Just like the company of great friends makes a celebration all memoirs, it's a matter of ultimate pleasure to celebrate with some of the best brands of sparkling drinks that sit pretty in the extensive collection of your favourite outlet bar to make your party even more perfect. 
If asked for my opinion, I totally go by the saying, "With every celebration there goes a drink, but not all the drinks go with the every celebration."
Lately, we've been really choosy for the desired party venue. You ask why? For the comforting ambiance, amenities offered and of course for the right vibes. And ultimately this gleeful gang of ours has narrowed down our choices to the Lava Bar at The Taj, Chandigarh
The place is so inviting when it comes to throwing a party that lifts even the dullest mood. As you celebrate together with iconic brands that you always wish to be on your party table, are all stacked so gracefully that instantaneously pick up on those vibes. Absolut, being the ruler of my taste is simply heart-stopping good. 
Hence proved, while breaking the rules and having fun celebrations with your friends, the bubbles and popping corks are a must to sound like a perfectly enjoyable party. And I bet you are never truly over with the best celebrations life can extend to you ever. #CantWaitToCelebrate.
So three cheers for all party animals that celebrate 'life' together!!

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