Wednesday 9 November 2016

Best Natural Shampoos For All Hair Types

Surround yourself with all things good! And if that’s not possible for you at the moment, at least decide to switch to a natural hair cleanser that is free from SLS, sulfate and other chemicals because the store-bought commercial shampoos claiming to be the best in hair care are one of the most unsafe products that degrade the health of our scalp and tresses.

From past few weeks, I have been washing our hair with Aroma Essentials shampoos that are made of finest natural ingredients. The brand sent the shampoos to me in two variants i.e. Onion and Banana. I'm using a shampoo made of these ingredients for the first time from any brand so far.
Having Onion as the key ingredient of a shampoo first received some frowns from my family members, but after a thorough discussion that it's a composition of onion pulp and shea butter with olive and mustard seed oils, everyone showed excitement to experiment with the product. The onion shampoo is a relatively thin consistency cleanser in off-white colour. It lathers decently, but not very rich. So for my long hair, I would need extra quantity to be used for properly cleaning my hair and scalp. It is free of any artificial fragrance. It has a unique fragrance that I'm unable to define exactly, but it is not that strong disgusting onion smell that you would dislike to have in your hair. To reiterate the benefits of onion, it has rich sulfur content and improves the blood circulation when applied to the scalp. Onion juice increases the strength of the hair thereby prevents thinning and breakage to great extent. Using an onion shampoo is like using a natural tonic which promotes hair growth and reverses hair loss in long term.
The other variant is again an excellent combination of banana pulp and shea butter with goodness of Pro-Vitamin B5 that is a boon for dry hair specially. Its a sweet smelling shampoo in peach color and of similar consistency like that of onion shampoo. I'm more inclined to this variant for the reason that it addresses dryness of scalp and hair. It is a savior for people battling dry locks and frizz. 
Both the shampoos are mild and can be used on daily basis if required. These are lightweight and rinsed out quite easily leaving hair silky and shiny after removing all the dirt n grime. My hair look and feel equally voluminous after using these shampoos which I appreciate because the hair care products that weigh down my hair are completely No-No ;) The packaging is in small plastic bottles which is travel friendly and are good for those who want to try sampling out the products once for making a final decision. 
The plus points of these shampoos (just like all other Aroma Essential products) are that they involve use of clean and green ingredients sourced out fairly, not tested on animals, don't cause side effects and are skin-friendly. You may even store these shampoos in a refrigerator for a specific season as they have a shelf life of 6 months.
So, if you are looking for all natural hair cleansers with an impression of purity, do give these pure products a try and feel the difference how your hair behave well :)


  1. onion has so many benefits I was unaware of

  2. such a wonderful brand
    will try variant 2 as I too have frizzy hair
    wish they used glass instead of plastic to make it totally environment friendly

  3. Onion is very beneficial for hair. I have never seen an onion shampoo in any other brand. Will give this a try.

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  4. I'll give it a try bcoz it looks very good... Thanku for the review dear!

  5. Onion a very stinky product so I wanna try this


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