Tuesday 15 November 2016

Hydrate Your Tired Skin With Lavender Mask ft. Aroma Essentials

I've been living under extreme work pressure since many days and it's not going to end for one more month. This daily stress and other environmental issues leave my skin sickly-looking & washed-out. To combat the tiredness of my skin, I've started using Lavender Mask because Lavender oil counteracts various skin disorders.
The Lavender Mask that I'm trying these days is sent to me by one of the most authentic herbal brand Aroma Essentials and I totally trust the indulgent ingredients used in its products. So had high hopes with this product as well.
The mask has jelly-like (not gel-like) appearance and is thick in viscosity. If you tilt the tiny tub containing the product, it won't spill. The light-green colour and soothing aroma are quite refreshing to my senses. The application of mask is quite easy involving no mixing or diluting. Just spreading a thin layer of mask on face for 10 mins and wiping it off with wet tissue. This is the reason that I'm using it every alternate day usually in the afternoon during my lunch break at work because by that time my skin starts showing signs of fatigue.
The mask gives mild cooling sensation while on skin and calms inflamed skin. The skin feels de-stressed, hydrated and looks glowing for next an hour or two. The only con that I find with the product is that the radiance on the skin is quite short-lived, otherwise there is no arguement about benefits of Lavender for skin.

Other than Lavender oil, the mask is infused with Chamomile flower oil and aloe gel. Chamomile possesses effective characteristics to heal wounds, burns and scars on the skin. A prolonged use of the mask can render numerous benefits for all types of skin and enhance the appearance of otherwise sallow skin. 
Being cruelty-free, chemical-free, artificial-fragrance free and dermatologically tested are added pluses for the product. So your search for a natural skin-healer ends here. The lavender mask is available at Rs. 300 for 35 gm. 


  1. Awesome review. This seems like a good hydrating face mask for winters. I have tried few Aroma Essentials products and loved all of them. Will give this also a try.

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    1. Yes dear. Aroma Essentials products are so pure n safe to suit almost everyone.

  2. loved that it has chamomile oil in it

  3. Amazing review! Aroma essentials products are awesome...


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