Friday 11 November 2016

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life With Raw Pressery Juices

Preparing uniquely refreshing juices at home from variety of fruits might be quite customary for most households like mine, because we all typically believe that freshly extracted juices have higher nutritional value than packed juices. 

But today, I'm putting an end to this widely held belief by establishing the fact that the juicers or blenders we use at home generate heat due to high-speed rotating blade that causes oxidation and destroys vital nutrients in the juices. A healthier alternative is to opt for 'Cold Pressed' juices which are made with a hydraulic press to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now, if you're wondering where to avail cold presses juices from? The answer lies here at             Raw Pressery. 

Raw Pressery is an innovative venture by Mr. Anuj to promote "All Good No Bad" message by delivering cold-pressed juices and cleanses everyday at major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. 

When Raw Pressery started delivering at Chandigarh, I couldn't counter my temptation to try some flavours and I was sent one of their popular Raw Bundles called Metabolize by the brand for tasting and testing.

This juice combo is a carefully put together pack of 4 variants named as Glow, Shield, Flush, 100% Pineapple and Ginger in food grade plastic bottles of 250 ml each.
Unlike the Cleanse plans offered by the brand, the Raw Bundle that I received, is not meant to be drunk in any specific order which was a great relief to me. Because its pretty difficult for me to spare even a few minutes for snacking etc. during my working hours. So I drank all these juices at comfort of my home after returning from work.

Glow, a clear looking, superior blend of Cucumber, Coconut Water, Pineapple, Lemongrass, Aloe Vera and Lemon. Loaded with energy, it's great to obtain healthy skin and keep the body cool n properly hydrated. 
Shield, a bright orange colour juice having Tangerine, Carrot and Ginger with thicker consistency. The pulp in the beverage resembles exactly like freshly extracted orange juice and leaves you feel really full as you consume the entire content of the bottle. The presence of Vitamin C helps battle common cold, signs of ageing and allergies.
Flush, the most beautiful looking beverage containing Apple, Beet, Carrot, Ginger and Lemon. The juice owes its colour from beet that goes into the formula. This one is best for people who complaint of high blood pressure as the juice will lowers the blood pressure while purifying the blood and supplying Vitamin A to the body.
100% Pineapple and Ginger, is a sunny yellow colour juice that rich in potassium and vitamin C. But don't expect the taste to be as sweet as usual pineapple juice.
Talking about the flavour of juices, none of the juices taste sweet despite sweet ingredients used in some of them. The aroma and flavours are bit strong and tangy for my taste. I would have loved them more if a healthy alternate of artificial sugar might have been added to sweeten the beverages. But I like the mixing of ginger in most recipes which adds to the health benefits of the juices for its anti-inflammatory, immune boosting properties. As far as the taste is concerned, one can always go slow initially and develop a liking after some time like it happened with me :)

Are Raw Pressery juices genuinely incredible?
Yes! they are. And here I tell you why...
  • When most juices generally mean fruit extracts, Raw Pressery juices contain fruits as well as veggies. 
  • No use of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar; only freshest and finest quality fruits and veggies sourced directly from local farms (and nothing else).
  • If you expect it's plain, watery thin liquid bottled for you to drink, you fail miserably. 'Coz you'll love the mouthful of pulp in every sip.
  • There is wide array of choices to subscribe for a delivery plan depending on your requirement like Detox Cleanse, Raw Bundles, Multi Serve packs etc. Each of these will contribute towards your well-being by improving your diet plan.
  • One can customize the selection of juices in his subscription plan (only) if certain flavour is not liked. 
  • These juices are apt to replace a healthy meal in case you are short of time or not eating due to unavailability of proper food. Not only the adults, but kids will also enjoy these healthy beverages as a 'super food'.
  • The nutritional chart is printed on every bottle with details of all your calorie and other nutrition intake from particular variant.
  • The bottles used for packaging of juices are food grade PET, 100% BPA free and completely recyclable. The company supports green revolution by arranging collection of the empty bottles from your place as a part of their recycling drive which is worth an applause. 
Overall, a strong recommendation for everyone to introduce yourself to these nectar-like beverages to sooth the internal system of your body and improve the quality of your living.


  1. Awesome review! They are amazing yr...

  2. I love cold pressed juices.. some of these flavours sound really nice.


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