Friday 2 September 2016

Some Nifty Products From Bornpretty Store

My newly ordered stuff from Bornpretty store reached my doorstep a week ago, but the post got slightly delayed due of the shifting of my residence and no-access to internet at new place. Even while doing this post right now, I've borrowed the device and data from a friend because I was missing being active since last 5 days :( Thankfully! I'm back in action, though for fewer hours.

Coming back to the agenda of today's post, I did a mixed bag shopping from Bornpretty Store this time including few jewelry items, makeup items and utility items.    

If you had read my previous post about purchase, I had got two nail stamping plates from Bornpretty, but forgot to buy the stamper and scraper tools. So obviously, I added these two tools in my shopping cart this time to avoid forgetting once again ;) I got a cute pink colored Stamping Nail Art Stamper with Scraper in less than $1. Amazing deal you see! Its size and grip make both the item handy and I'm so happy that now I'll be able to beautify my long nails with lovely designs with ease and expertise.
As the nail-artist in me is still at a learning stage, the precision cannot be achieved in very first attempt. So if I make nail-coloring and nail-art designing errors, I certainly need an effective nail paint remover too. As I found Flavored Nail Art Polish Remover Pads at the store, I immediately grabbed two variants in lemon and green leaves. Each of the tiny, round box contains 32 easy-to-use, thin pads and is priced at just $1.37 each.
I'm in true love with the product that lets me clean my painted nails in a jiffy and I don't need to rub vigorously. These are so beautifully scented and moisturize the nails and the area around nails so well. I seriously want to stock them all in my nail-art kit and I can see myself ordering few more variants in my next order ;)
Another must-have product in my makeup kit which I use everyday for my makeup is a lipliner. And the lipliners which I purchased earlier from this store are doing great job. So I thought of getting one more shade. I ordered shade #12 from Posh Professional Lipliner Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil which is really gorgeous and can be used with many of my lipcolors to line my lips.
I have been using cotton balls for removing my makeup since many months and was looking for facial towels. At Bornpretty, I liked disposable fabric face towels that are multi-utility and convenient to carry in my bag. The quality is very good and size is similar to our usual face towels, so one towel is sufficient to completely cleanse your face and it absorbs water very well. I also cut into pieces if using it for other purposes like during nail-art.

Turning my attention to Jewelry section, this time I ordered two girly pieces - a pendant chain necklace with multicolor stones and a concise Love bracelet in silver tone. The pendant is a charmer and eye-catcher piece while the bracelet decorates a delicate wrist elegantly. The rose gold toned chain is looking prettier.

I'm wishing to gift the bracelet to my bestie as its a token of Love and she admires such girly gifts so much :)
Now, one utility item in this post... this may seem unusual, but I wanted to replace my old Measuring Tape on which the digits print has started fading now and at times I face difficulty using it. I got a automatically rolling measuring tape that is made of soft plastic and has a press-button to put the tape back inside. Its so small that fits my pocket too. It has simplified my sewing-stitching job a lot and there are number of household jobs where its helping me.
Overall, my experience has been great as always. I feel the Bornpretty Store has an answer to all my needs.
Free shipping worldwide is one of the biggest attraction of BPS and they keep on adding all kinds of items under different categories to keep my interest level high. If you are also planning to shop from BPS store, you may use my coupon code WEMT10 to avail 10% discount on any non-discounted products site wide :)

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  1. Back so early after shifting !
    nice post
    liked the lip pencil

  2. Great haul. All the products are worth buying and especially the nail stamping pad.


  3. A big wow to their store!!! Prices are reasonable and shipping is free worldwide! The biggest plus :)

  4. Awesome haul! I like the bracelet!

  5. All the products are very nice . I love nail stamping pad and definitely going to buy this..


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