Thursday 22 September 2016

Complexion Smoothing With IHA Skin Lightening Facial Therapy

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After a long, unavoidable break from blogging, today I've come up with a review of an ayurvedic Facial Therapy pack from IHA Vedic. The brand is well known for its efficacy in formulating skin care products using herbal ingredients and I've been using their products since years now. As the brand launched some new products, I had keen interest in trying them and sharing my opinion with you all.
In this post, I'm writing about how the IHA SKIN LIGHTENING FACIAL THERAPY worked for me...
This facial therapy is a combo pack of 5 products which are to be applied in given sequence-
1. Suzoka - Facial Cleanser
2. Aripra - Facial Scrub
3. Caarvi - Massage Cream
4. Zubhra - Face Mask
5. Zweta - Skin Lightening Cream

This pack comes in a beige colored, floral printed, flat cardboard box that contains five tiny black tubs with tight screw cap on each to hold above mentioned five constituents of the combo pack. I liked the tub packaging which simply frees you from worries of storing left-over product after using once if it were in sachets. Each of the tubs are well labeled with product name. The details about ingredients and usage instructions are finely printed on the back side of the outer box.
Suzoka is a mild cleanser made up of Turmeric, Saffron and Blue Lotus. White in color and light in consistency, the creamy cleanser softens the skin as you massage your skin with the cleanser in circular motion. It has lovely sweet fragrance that is not overpowering. On rinsing the face off, the skin texture looks smooth on the top and feels effectively purified and detoxified from inside.
Aripra, the gentle exfoliator, means 'Spotless'. Its an ayurvedic formulation of herbal extracts of Cucumber, Mulberry, Fenugreek, Tiger Herb, Walnut and Indian Madder. Its a pink toned facial scrub having abundance of micro granules clearly visible in it. I truly loved how nicely it removes impurities without causing any skin irritation or scratches. It smells of a mix of all ingredients making me love it. After a light-stroked massage of scrub on the damp skin of face and neck, just let it sit on skin for few minutes to obtain maximum benefit and then wash it off. It certainly gives you youthful skin.
Post-exfoliation, the skin with its unclogged pores is most receptive of hydration. So its the time to apply Caarvi moisturizing cream. Its a blend of Licorice, saffron, Mulberry, Mustard and Blue Lotus as the active ingredients. The lightly concentrated, grayish colored cream penetrates to the deeper layers of skin and makes your skin feel pampered from inside. It doesn't make your skin look glossy or shiny, but hydrates the skin to the fullest. Its ingredients are said to work on scar marks, pimple marks and pigmentation, so its a dual-remedial product for those looking for solution of these skin issues.
The next step involves skin toning and healing using Zubhra face mask that comes with powerful herbal actives like Neem, Basil, Cucumber, Indian Gotukala etc. It resembles the fuller-earth mask in color and is a smooth cream mask. It smells nothing unpleasant, but I didn't like it much. The mask is easy to spread on skin. Make sure to cover the neck area along with face to apply a liberal and uniform layer of product. If it dries quickly, don't hesitate to spray some rose water or plain water to dampen it for some time, so that the mask can replenish nutrients and improve the appearance of skin. The key is to either read a book or relax with some soft music on your side. When its time to clean the mask off skin; the best way is to place a wet washcloth over your face, hold it onto skin for a few seconds dissolve the face mask from skin. Repeat it a few times to completely remove the mask and uncover the transformed skin.
The last step towards healthy skin is to give a remarkably effective massage using Zweta skin lightening cream. Its a rare blend of ayurvedic therapeutic oils like Kanaka Taila, Jatayadi Taila, Kumkumayadi Taila in combination with Onion, Brahmi and Methi. These ingredients are said to treat multiple skin disorders like blemish, age spots, dark skin, nail marks, sun burns etc. if used consistently for some time. 
Price & Qty:
The combo pack consists of 12 gm quantity of each product that sufficiently lasts upto 4 facial sessions for anyone and each session is quite cost-effective as the product is priced at just Rs. 500/-.
Highly recommended for skin types prone to pigmentation, age spots and skin darkening caused by UV radiations.


  1. Great review...looking forward to using it andposting my own review.

    1. Thanks Shilpa. Do let us know how it fares for you after you try this.

  2. Seems like a nice kit. The facepack sounds amazing and also the price according to the quantity and number of times we use is quite acceptable :)

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    1. Absolutely Sonali. I find it quite reasonably priced.

  3. A very affordable kit, with all the necessary products for a full face treatment. I like the idea how it includes everything from a cleanser to a scrub to even a face lightening cream. You say it serves upto 4 sessions. 4 times treatment for only Rs500 is a steal indeed. Looking it up online now. Great post!

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    1. Thank u Manavi. One won't feel disappointed on using it. Worth giving a try for sure :)


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