Friday 23 September 2016

Skin Polishing With Aroma Essentials Manjistha Soap

'Handmade Soaps' are like heroes in my product review section of my blog ;) I've used and written about many of them, but there seems to be no end of my obsession for herbal soaps. Almost two months back, I received this Skin Polishing soap from Aroma Essentials mentioning 'Manjistha' on it.
The soap had such beautiful underwater scenery carved on one of its side that it took me really long to decide whether to unwrap and use it or just preserve it forever ;)  
After keeping the soap unused with me for more than a month, I convinced myself to gather all my courage and enjoy the goodness of Manjistha, Red Sandalwood and Sugarcane Powder which are the main ingredients of the soap. 
See yourself how cute this mermaid looks playing with fish around her ;)  
The soap has got its deep red color from bright red colored roots of Manjistha and Red Sandalwood powder. When you rub the soap on wet skin, it temporarily imparts a reddish tinge to the skin that washes off with splashes of water. 
After a few usages, the soap color deepened to brownish tinge and the mermaid sadly disappeared from the soap :( But I liked the powdered ingredients coming on the surface giving my skin mild exfoliation effect. I truly love those soap bars which embed any kind of micro beads and provide scrubbing feel during bath.

The super herb Manjistha (Indian Madder) is richly beneficial to treat skin issues with its medicinal properties. It not only detoxifies the skin from environmental pollutants, but also gives the skin an even tone and smoothness after bath. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Manjistha is an effective natural remedy for eczema, acne, boils, skin infection and other skin disorders. 
Knowing that the Sugarcane Powder can also be a constituent of some beauty product was more than a surprise for me. But now I know that it can reduce blemish and fight acne to keep skin glowing. The powerful beauty benefits of Red Sandalwood blend together to give clear skin.

The soap doesn't melt excessively and retains its shape despite being its gentle skin-friendly texture. Ideally it should be used every day to improve skin appearance visibly.
If this product interests you, do contact Aroma Essentials via DM or call 7760988272 to place an order.

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