Sunday 18 September 2016

Nail the Matte Trend With Revlon

The hottest trend in makeup industry which I truly love is to pull off a dewy Matte Finish that neutralizes any sheen so beautifully. I know achieving the matte coverage perfectly is actually tricky since they set almost instantly; but once you pull off the look carefully, it comes out really graceful.
I had been eyeing on Revlon Perfect Matte Nail Enamels since the day the range was launched. The Perfect Matte Nail Enamels have been introduced at Rs. 190 each (8 ml) in 8 summery shades:
  • Sunny Matte, 
  • Rosy Matte, 
  • Crimson Matte, 
  • Marine Matte, 
  • Coral Matte, 
  • Cool Matte, 
  • Hot Matte
I decided to own gorgeous nail enamels in shades Cool Matte, Rosy Matte and Sunny Matte and to create a dreamy dewy look with these.

To compliment and complete the matte look, I used Revlon Super Matte Lipstick in shade Lavender Chill (659) to go along pretty well.

In my first look, I used Rosy Matte as the base color on my nails. Two coats of the nail paints are good to attain the real color. Take a short pause to let each coat dry, matte nail enamels are quicker to dry than glossy ones. I used a piece of sponge to create a tricolor gradient look, because I'm not that good in creative nail art and its the easiest technique. I dabbed the sponge in Cool Matte and Sunny Matte nail enamels in one go and gently pressed the sponge on the painted nails similar to bouncing action. The finished gradient nail look cute and festive. Make sure to apply a coat of transparent top coat and clean up the cuticles with some good nailpaint remover.

In the second look, I used no nail art tool. I started with painting my nails in Cool Matte and Sunny Matte shades on alternate fingers. In this look also, I applied two coats of both nail paints to achieve the true color giving it time to dry in between. Next I drew polka dots on the top edge of each nail with Rosy Matte shade and applied top coat after it dried up. While the top coat is still wet on nail and about to dry, I quickly placed a swarowski gem on each nail to give this look a festive appeal. 

Hope you liked the easy-to-do nail art using Revlon Perfect Matte Nail Enamels and Super Matte Lipstick. There are many more shades to suit every skin tone and perfect for party or every day makeup. Just pick your fav one and bring out the 'new you; :)

If you liked these looks, do let me know which came out better.


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