Tuesday 27 September 2016

Skin18 Website Review & Haul

Almost an year ago, I was introduced to Korean skincare products by Skin18 for the first time when I received a parcel containing wonderful sheet masks. These sheet masks are really a great way to pamper your skin at home. I was so impressed to obtain dewy skin after using the pre-soaked masks sheets that I also did a giveaway in collaboration with the brand to give my readers a chance to be benefitted by the luxurious products.

In past one year, its my third order with Skin18.com and I always look forward to try something new because the brand offers a large variety of products including toners, serums, creams, masks, mists, cleansers, face washes and much more. You may choose the products either depending on your skin type or according to the areas of concern like skin brightening, smoothing, hydrating, de-stressing or just rejuvenating.

In my order this time, I received some really high-quality products including nose strip, eye patch, mask sheets and face packs etc.

Cracare Anti-Aging Snail Repairing 3-steps Mask: 
All the mask sheets which I have tried till now from Skin18 have been a one-step mask. The Cracare mask sheet comes with Anti-Aging Active Ampule followed by usual essence masking and then to finish with Anti-aging Night Cream. Isn't that really innovative to have a complete solution in one pack. This product is meant for Skin Lightening and Firming. It smells floral when placed on face as it has many flower extracts used as main ingredients. 
Inoface Modeling Cup Pack (Blackfood):
This is a powdered face pack in light silver gray color. One has to mix the powder in double the amount of water and apply a generous layer on skin spreading evenly. It gives mild cooling sensation when applied on skin and starts drying up quickly. I had expected to wash it off just like usual packs but after it dried on my skin, I found that it can be easily peeled off. It brightens up the otherwise dull face and contributes towards enhancing elasticity. This product is available in many variants. 
Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip 
This nose cleansing strip is used to tighten pores and remove blackheads or whiteheads. There are three variants of this product and I'd received it in my last order as well and its already reviewed in my previous post along with Charcoal variant few months ago. Its quite easy to  use and does a decent job to clean the dirt etc from around the nose area.
Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles 
The brand Luke has similar kind of eye-patches also that comfort your eyes and tackles issues like puffiness, wrinkles, dryness, dullness etc. This is the first time I'm using an eye patch from Skin18 collection. Out of all available options, I received Hydrogel patch for wrinkle. I wondered how lovely they smell ;) These are dry from top, but the inner side is quite moisturizing which touches your delicate eye area. It'll be unfair to expect instant effect from these eye patches, but I would love to have some more in my next order so that I may regularly use these and improve appearance of skin around my eyes. 

Luke Aloe Essence Mask 
Luke masks are made for addressing different skin issues and contain excellent ingredients. I've got Aloe version this time which is one of the best moisturizing agent. It feels so hydrating on skin, fights inflammation and soothes itching skin. Keeping the mask on the face for some time physically seals in the active serum underneath and brings out youthful glow on the plump skin afterwards. Who doesn't love that feel ;)
Mirum Fresh Fruit Green Tea Real Natural Mask Pack
I had got one of the Mirum mask sheet in my first order in Lemon version (reviewed here) and this time I received Green Tea. I'm yet to use this one, but based on my experience in the past, I know it gives ultimate rejuvenation to tired skin. I'm soon going to bring it to use and will share my further opinion with you all.
PureDerm Tomato Yogurt Pack 
Purederm offers great choices for wash-off face packs. The combination of ingredients used in each of them is so tempting. I'm really excited to try Tomato Yogurt pack which I have received. Its in lotion form, so more convenient than the powdered one and you can quickly open the sachet and get ready to feed your skin with desired nutrients.
I've happily added these products in my beauty routine and would recommend these to you for a wide spectrum of benefits.
Have you used any of these products? Do share here how has been your experience.


  1. I've been saying to myself for months that I need to try out Skin18 but I still haven't :|

    1. don't wait any more ..just grab it once and u will want more :)


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