Thursday, 24 November 2016

Oriflame Nature Secrets Nettle and Lemon Shampoo Review

I've been using Oriflame cosmetics & fragrances for quite some time now and found myself attracted towards all its excellent quality products. On reviewing the Oriflame Hair Mask, I received a few messages from my readers to recommend some oriflame shampoo that they can use prior to mask application. So here is one of the shampoos from Oriflame Nature Secrets in Nettle & Lemon variant that I've tested and reviewing it for you today.
To begin with, the colorful label on the shampoo packaging appealed me in the very first look. You may notice the key ingredients Nettle leaves and Lemons printed on the label for a charming appearance. The sleek, but tall bottle fits in the grip of your hand comfortably due to the curvy shape of bottle. It's a see-through bottle to keep an eye on the content of the bottle. 
On the rear part of the bottle, you may find the list of ingredients.
As always, I liked the flip-open cap on the bottle to ooze the product out as per need.
The shampoo looks to have faint green colour when in bottle, but comes colourless on your palm. The consistency is moderately thick as compared to some shampoos I've used in past. If you expect the shampoo to be low-lathering, think again. The shampoo, despite being mild on hair and scalp, produces sufficient frothy bubbles to clean the dirt, oil and grime accumulated on the hair roots and length. 
The shampoo has light, citrusy fragrance that doesn't annoy even the most responsive smelling senses, but will be pleasant to most of us. The smell lasts not very long in your tresses after you rinse it off.
The shampoo has extracts of lemon and nettle plant leaves. To the ones, for whom Nettle is a new name, it is an plant whose leaves have an astringent quality for deep cleaning the hair and supply your hair with lots of body. I personally experienced that the shampoo fulfills its claims. Both the Nettle extract and Lemon extract are best natural remedies to eliminate dandruff and are said to be more effective for oily, greasy hair. The shampoo can be used everyday if your hair get oily sooner, but I recommend to either limit the quantity per usage or washing your hair on alternate days since the formula is not completely herbal. 
In general, the shampoo suits all hair types without causing any side effects like overdry n itchy scalp, irritated eyes or tangled hair which commonly happen with many of us after using a wrong shampoo type. I'm believing that it is because Nettle and Lemon contain high levels of vitamins and minerals to enhance hair health. I'm happy how soft, manageable and tangle-free hair I get after using Oriflame Nature Secrets Nettle and Lemon Shampoo every time.
If you would like to buy the product, it's available here for a price of INR 329 for 250 ml pack.


  1. Nice review. I have never used any Oriflame products. Will give this a try...

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    1. U would surely love Oriflame products. Go for it :)

  2. Netle was a new ingredient for me
    This is worth a try

    1. Even I heard abt it first time and then explored more :)

  3. Rs.329/- bit pricey but oriflame products are like that
    some are really nice

    1. I'm happy with most products I have used till date. So at time, few extra bucks save life ;)