Sunday 8 October 2017

Oriflame Body Sprays Review-Love Potion, Rebel, Tenderly

Nobody wants to smell awful in public. Thank goodness for the countless options in fragrances, the task of keeping oneself smelling good is so much easier. Today's post talks about inexpensive body sprays from Oriflame that actually guarantee you will smell good. The reason why I'm reviewing more than one at a time is to recommend these according to the occasion it can be be worn for.
Tenderly, a girly pink coloured packaging gives me instant feminine feel. And when sprayed, it's a mild floral, fruity fragrance. It perfectly fits for an everyday office wear scent. The fragrance lingers on for 4-5 hours that is moderately long duration. It's ideal for wearing on occasions that call for fragrance that stays close to the skin and doesn't invite too much attention.
Love Potion body spray comes in the love-laced print in symbolic red with a hint of black. It's a sensuous scent that lives upto it's name to ignite feelings of love and passion ;) This scent radiates  around the wearer for fairly enough duration and the need to reapply rarely arises. Anyone who is partial towards powerful scents may go for it.
Rebel, the spray in a bold mauve coloured container sounds too catchy to me ;) It's a masculine kind of scent; but somehow this one happened to be my favourite among all three tested. It's intensity makes it last longer than other two and it fades quite slowly. Don't hesitate to confidently wear this alluring fragrance to an evening dance party. Just ensure to wear it in moderate amount because applying too much of a strong scent can be off-putting for others.
Each of the body sprays is available at Rs. 249 and weighs 75ml which I consider a lesser quantity than other brands, but the quality makes up for the price. One can liberally apply the body sprays that double up as deoderants too.


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    1. hope you will love draping urself in its aroma.

  2. Maine abhi try to nahi kiya hai per jaldi hi isko leti hu , aaoke review k baad ruka nahi ja raha 😊

  3. Rebel sounds great to me.🤩 Thank you for the review.


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