Tuesday 24 October 2017

DFO 4X Gel Pain Reliever Review

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of India’s premium Pharmaceutical companies recently offered its latest product in the market i.e DFO 4X Gel under a campaign named, ‘Dard Baanton Nahi, Mitao
It's a topical (that has to be applied on the skin, and not to be consumed) pain reliever product that addresses our common pain points such as injuries, muscle pain, sprains etc.

My husband who complaints of pain in his arms and wrist area after his accident has been using the product on a few ocassions when I suggested him not to rely on pain killer tablets frequently. The DFO 4X Gel provided temporary relief from pain and he could sleep without any discomfort. 

It's an easy to use squeeze tube that contains the pain-reliever gel. A little quantity has to be spread on the paining body part and a gentle massage lets the gel absorbed in a minute. No excessive rubbing is advised after absorption of product.
The efficacy rate of DFO 4X Gel is 31% faster than normal gels, since it contains ‘high dose’ Diclofenac Diethylamine 4.64 % for direct acting deep penetration of the outer most layer of the skin. It results into instant pain and inflammation relief.
The gel itself is a medium rich consistency, creamy and smooth product in milky white color. It smells strong somewhat similar to camphor, which I like :P
Product features:
  • highly effective in treating short-term as well as long-term pain.
  • works 4 times faster as compared to conventional Diclofenac gels.
  • available in the form of gel and spray.
  • gives fast and lasting results without side effects 
  • has a range of total 5 products specially formulated for all ages from children to elderly which are      
           DFO Gel 30 g / 50g (Rs 85), 
           DFO Nano Gel (Rs 90),
           DFO Spray (Rs 120), 
           DFO Red (Rs 90)
  • affordably priced at INR 139/-

DFO 4X Gel has superior efficacy without compromising safety in case of osteoarthritis pain, acute musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, sprains and strains, sciatica pain, neck pain, back pain, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and repetitive sports injury. 
The efficacy and safety profile makes DFO4X Gel one of the most preferred product to tackle pain.

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