Tuesday 31 October 2017

Comfort For Every Woman feat. Bella

Lack of freshness, unpleasant smell, fear of leakage and stains! Yes, most women would promptly interpret what I am talking about. This yucky feel directly relates to women's menstrual days that causes a variety of issues despite using good sanitary products and other absorbent material to collect menstrual fluid. Poor and neglected hygiene during menstrual days may further lead to itchy vaginal area, urinary infection and much more.

To prevent all these problems, the quick fix is to choose your sanitary products wisely. With a vision to introduce all my female readers to a premium brand that claims to be 'best fit for perfect woman', I'm reviewing Bella products in this post.

Bella is a worldwide known brand since its inception 65 years ago in Europe, now selling its products in 80 countries in the world. The brand offers a wide range of products including sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons for intimate hygiene that women may choose as per their liking, needs and lifestyle. 

Check out what I have in store to review today :)
This review post has two sub-sections targetting two broad categories of products I received, one being female sanitary products and another cotton products.

I) Female Sanitary products
I received Bella Perfecta Ultra Silky Drai napkins in two sizes i.e. L and XXL. Both of these are very absorbent sanitary napkins designed for very heavy menstrual flow. XXL size is recommended for Night time to ensure complete comfort while you sleep. The top sheet of these napkins provides dryness. Leakage Control System that is designed with due to magic gel barriers is another unique feature which effectively protects against side leakages. These are the only breathable sanitary napkins in India that let proper air circulation and help your skin breathe easily. It results in protection from unpleasant smell, rashes and irritation.
Price: INR 165 for 14 pcs
Price: INR 55 for 8 pcs 
Bella Panty Intima are really good panty liners with only 1mm thickness for the greatest comfort.
These are covered with 100% cotton and are available in various sizes (Small, Medium, Large) for every need. I received a pack with Deo Fresh feature that has mild floral fragrance. A great pick for routine hygiene other than those special days.
Price: INR 95 for 20 pcs
Bella Ideale Night Stay Drai is double structured, flexi-fit napkin for total freedom of movement. This one is extra long and ultra thin, but handles high flow efficiently. (sample pack)
Bella Senstive Feminine Wash is meant for maintaining the natural microbial flora of intimate area. Especially recommended for senstive skin because of mosturizing properties, enriched with Allantoine and D-panthenol. (sample pack)

                                                                   II) Cotton Products
Bella Cotton Balls are exceptionally soft and absorbent making these perfect to be a part of anybody's everyday grooming essentials. Women may use it for removing their facial and eye makeup without harming the skin and to remove nail paint. Mommies can use these cotton balls for their of babycare needs. Don't forget to keep a few cotton balls in your first-aid kit as these are safe to clean wounds, cuts and scars. 
Price: INR 129 for 100 pcs.
Bella Cotton Pads are seriously multi-utility product for any household. You may use these to ease the job of removing your makeup, to clean a bleeding lipstick or smudged kohl. There can be endless things you may experiment with. The plus point is that they don't leave behind separate fibres on skin and can be used with every type of the skin. The pack I received is in Aloe extract variant.
Price: INR 99 for 70 pcs
Bella Cotton Buds are popular for removing earwax. There are several clever hacks of using cotton buds in everyday life. The buds packed in the plastic box can be placed in the bathroom, but I wish the grip of cap on the box should be tight. 
Price: INR 59 for 100 pcs 
You may order most of the Bella products online. I'm really happy with the pricing and quality of the products and would difinitely like to order some more products pretty soon. 


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