Friday 17 March 2017

My #VLCCStyleStatements Experience at Chandigarh

I've been associated with World of Moms, an exclusive online community for moms, since past few months. WOM has given me a wonderful platform to express and exchange my views on motherhood (parenthood) and has gotten me acquainted with various hacks and tips to be a better mom in every possible manner.

As mothers are always over-burdened with responsibilities of their families and kids, WOM recently went an extra mile to comfort mommies like me who barely get any self-pampering time. Team WOM collaborated with VLCC, the leading Beauty and Wellness brand of the country and offered me a #VLCCStyleStatements service.

It all began when I was asked to choose a date and time slot as per my convenience. My appointment was scheduled and confirmed without any hassle. On reaching the venue, I was greeted by the salon in-charge. She explained to me the benefits of Envia Charm Facial as an advanced beauty service beyond an ordinary facial.

VLCC presents a range of premium Envia facials namely Gold Dazzle, Silver, Clarifying and Hydrating, whereas Envia Charm has made its place recently on this unique premium offering from the coveted Envia range.

The stage was all set for me already when the well-trained staff member took me to the cabin!

I could see a fresh Envia Charm Facial Kit being opened for me. Due to my curiosity, I devoted a good ten minutes reading labels of all the products, understanding about the different components of the service.
I was really impressed to know that Envia Charm is a paraben-free facial with Orange, Lemon, Mulberry and Saffron extracts. 

The products used throughout the facial are rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin A, E, and F, which encourage collagen synthesis. This facial also contains naturally reduced Glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and gives a fairer complexion.

The lady began with cleansing to substantially remove dirt, pollutants and excess oil from my face and neck, followed by applying an astringent toner. It was followed by applying an exfoliating gel. Simultaneously, I was given steam with a firm yet gentle massage. Extracting the blackheads and whiteheads had been really painful for my sensitive skin and gave me teary eyes, but my nose felt really clean later. This was again followed by a toner.

Next she massaged my face and neck with a shiny massage cream derived from natural botanical extracts; she massaged it completely into my skin, till it was fully absorbed. I was in a state of total relaxation and could have gone off to sleep if I allowed myself to!
Finally, a peel-off face mask was applied. I actually expected it to be the concluding step for the facial, but I was given one more round of massage with the Eventone cream that was meant to give sun protection as well as long lasting hydration. The process ended with placing a sheet mask on my face soaked in hydrating serum to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Though my intention wasn't to attain a fairer looking skin tone in a day, that is exactly what happened. My skin truly looked super clear, clean, and fairer, post the Envia Charm Facial. My skin gets tanned quite a lot due to extensive driving everyday; but this facial treatment gave my skin a radiant glow and an overall youthful look with a telling difference.

VLCC brings to fore the longing for healthy, even-toned skin with this impeccable offering for all age groups. I'm more than satisfied with the renewed texture of my skin and recommend this service to all those who long for rejuvenated skin.

Venue & Contact Info: 
VLCC Wellness Center, SCO 425-426, 1st Floor, Sector 35-C, Above KFC, Chandigarh, 160035, Ph. 0172-2600424

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  1. Looks like a great brightening treatment for summers.


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