Monday 20 March 2017

Fuschia Cherry Care Hand & Nail Cream Review

Do we need a separate hand cream??
"A hand cream is not as essential as a face cream", is the biggest misquoted statement one can come across.. Our hands are the most functional yet neglected part of our body, but they genuinely need the care and protection from environmental conditions. 
Now if you claim taking good care of your hands by using your body lotion for a hand massage, just a quick note from me here...The skin of our hands (top of the hands and the palms) is different from skin of body. The skin on top of our hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands, so it tends to get dry quickly. On the other hand, the skin of our palms is very thick and requires deeper hydration. For the hands to remain soft, everybody needs to repair and restore the skin of hands with best quality hand cream.

I'm using Fuschia Cherry Care Hand & Nail Cream since past one week or so (multiple times a day) ;)  
Product Description
A natural rich cream that checks premature ageing of skin caused by chlorine in water, atmospheric pollution and ill health. Keep your delicate hands moisturized with this Cherry Extract enriched Hand & Nail Cream. It is an ultra-moisturizing hand cream with deep moisturizing properties and a sweet floral elegant aroma. This hand cream immediately absorbs into your skin for long-lasting moisturize. This provides moisture on skin with pleasant fragrance, skin feels smooth, supple and conditioned, is non-greasy and light weight.

Directions for use
Smooth over hands as often as required, especially after washing. After washing your hands, apply an appropriate amount evenly onto hands as you massage.

Aqua, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Bee's Wax, Almond Oil, Cherry Ext., Mint Ext., Vitamin-e, Allantoin
Where to buy from?
Order at Rs 400 (MRP 450/-) 

Am I happy with my current Hand Cream?
Fuschia Cherry Care Hand & Nail Cream is a light pink coloured cream packed in a transparent plastic tub. The tub pack has a big mouth and bears an aluminium screw cap. The label on the cap will let you read on product name and its key ingredients, but the information regarding mfg date, pricing, shelf life is missing. 
The cream is of moderately thick consistency far thicker than a usual body/hand lotion. Only a tiny amount of cream does the job. Despite its moderate thickness, the cream gets easily absorbed in the skin and doesn't give a sheen over the skin surface which I love. I mean, I seriously want a moisturizing agent but that shouldn't be greasy and sticky. 
Post massaging, my dry skin gets intensely hydrated immediately and the skin feels extremely soft. Though the cream can be throughout the day, the optimum benefit can be availed by massaging the cream on hands and nails just a few minutes before you go to bed after all your household chores are over in the night. Those who suffer from cracks on their finger tips should put on gloves on their hands after applying cream so that the moisture is kept locked for longer and works to repair cracked skin faster. 
The cream is also formulated to cure nail cuticles and avoids the skin around nails being peeled off. Get enough of cream on your nails and massage the area of cuticles to ensure best results.
The pink colour and the fruity scent in the cream directly co-relates to its main ingredient Cherry, that I like quite a lot. One would really enjoy the sweet fragrance that lingers on for long after applying on hands. 

Overall, the Fuschia Cherry Care Hands and Nail Cream is a luxurious formula that you'll want to give up. Your hands appear supple and youthful after continued use, but I would have loved it more if it gets richer in terms of SPF as well because our hands are exposed to sun all the time and crave for a broad-spectrum sunscreen too. So I recommend everyone a intensive-treatment for your hands through a deep hydrating hand cream to witness a pretty glaring difference.


  1. Fuschia products are really good. I tried their foot cream and loved it. This hand cream looks really pretty pink in color. And cherry extracts tempts me. Will give it a try...

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    1. Give it a try to this one too. It's damn good for moisturizing dry hands.

  2. I don't think the SPF factor weighs in a lot here. It does sound like a super nourishing hand cream.

    1. It matters to those like me who drive two-wheelers for long distances everyday since no gloves etc work to avoid being tanned. But other than SPF, the cream is a great choice.


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