Wednesday 1 March 2017

I Don't Want My Baby's Sensitive Skin To Stop Him From Enjoying His Childhood

It was a real treat to touch my newborn baby when I embraced him for the first time. The feeling was indescribable! Discovering my new addiction to the sight, feel and smell of a new baby's skin was such a beautiful feeling. His skin was so silky soft and gentle that every time I touched him, I would kiss him on his cheeks or forehead.

And why not! Being a mom had been one of the happiest times of my life. I was keen to preserve his skin integrity and so became extremely conscious about practicing good hygiene. I would wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap before feeding my baby, after going to the toilet myself, after touching my pet and after changing his dirty nappies. The domestic help was strictly instructed to clean the floor with disinfectant to avoid germs and bacteria to harbour. Still the environmental irritants would trigger allergens and disturb his highly sensitive immune system. I found it really difficult to believe that babies’ skin is that much more sensitive than ours. When I read that a baby’s skin loses moisture five times faster than adult skin, I resolved to begin the quest for a complete skin care solution for my baby. Read more


  1. Yes I found the same happening with me. I was was so confused how to preserve my little angel sensitive skin from environment. I am using Himalaya baby body lotion for her. It's good but now I will sure try Dove baby bar and body lotion for her.

    1. I also had tried Himalaya products and those are also equally good :)


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