Monday 27 February 2017

Why to use Natural Oils for Your Hair ft. Svayam Natural

For most stylish women, oiling their hair has become an outdated ritual these days. Yes! We wash our hair, colour them, blow dry them, straighten or curl them to look glam; but regular oiling is rarely practiced by many of women. I'm not an exception and I've also committed this mistake of not giving my hair a proper head massage continuously for months in the past. And obviously, my tresses also showed signs of damage from split ends to uncontrollable frizz and thinning out :( So the point is to try reversing the damage atleast to the extent that is under our control.

To bring your dull hair back to life, the oiling is something very basic step that one can take. I've used Coconut Oil all my life, but I'm fallen in love with natural oils now. All thanks to beauty blogging that acquainted me to the best food for my hair.

The oils that I've been massaging onto my scalp and hair regularly since past one month are from Svayam Natural that is a brand which impressed me immensely with its best-seller body and face oils (read the review here). This post focuses on two variants of hair oils i.e. Olive Oil and Panchtatva Oil.
Olive Oil:
Let me start by admiring the infusion of Cinnamon in the oil in the form of cinnamon dried bark. I might have mentioned in some of my earlier posts as well, that I prefer to leave my hair oiled overnight. I simply part my hair, apply the oil liberally on the scalp and massage it for a few minutes for better effects. Massaging this light textured olive oil on my hair is always a real relief from dry scalp. My hair absorbs the oil really well, so it doesn't look greasy on the top. The fatty acids present in olive oil coat your hair shaft to provide softness by retaining moisture to optimum level. The addition of cinnamon bark in the olive oil has made it perfect herbal remedy that  prevents fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp due to cinnamon's anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics. The oil visibly reduces dandruff caused by pollutants etc.
I liked its soothing fragrance too which is completely rejuvenating and is no way bothersome. The oil is not hard to take out from scalp and can be rinsed with any mild shampoo and plain water. For my moderately thick hair, I didn't face the issue of weighing down of hair. Here it's important to mention that the oil didn't caused any skin allergies to me. Overall, the Olive Oil with Cinnamon Stick has an abundance of benefits for good health of hair.
Buying Guide: Rs 415 for 100 ml available at Flipkart, Amazon etc.
Panchtatva Oil:
As the name suggests, Panchtatva Oil is an effective assortment of five oils namely Almond Oil, Neem Oil, Arandi Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil. 
This oil, when received, was in semi-solid state; which I believe is due to Coconut oil that tends to freeze in cold weather. Generally my head massage session happens in the night, but I had to keep this oil in the sunlight for some time before using it. And this is the reason I had to apply it on holidays when I'm home during daytime ;)

Anyways, this oil is just a magical treatment for our hair. Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E content locks in moisture and boosts shine of otherwise dull hair. Neem oil is an ideal remedy against environmental toxins. It stimulates blood circulation, treat n heal itchy scalp and remove head lice too. Sesame Oil penetrates deeply into scalp and supplies required nourishment to hair and follicles. Arandi Oil or Castor is well known for reducing split ends and controlling hair breakage that in turn improves health of the oil. If you've started noticing the first signs of hair graying then applying this Panchtatva oil can prevent your hair from turning gray.
This oil has some coarsely grained herbs mixed into it which settles down at the bottom of bottle and doesn't bother while applying the oil on hair. The fragrance of the oil is absolutely refreshing and calming for my senses.
Buying Guide: Rs 525 for 100 ml available at Flipkart, Amazon etc.
The oils might sound expensive at first, but you need little quantity in each application, so they last longer than expected. The only thing which I would suggest the brand is to improvise the packaging by adding a stopper disc on the neck of bottle to avoid fear of spilling.
I really feel that these herbal oils from Svayam Natural can make life simpler for busy bees like me who have limited time to self-pampering. You need not to run to departmental stores to find herbs and then prepare concoction that suit you. Simply order it from any online stores at the comfort of your home and luxuriate with healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. The oils really fulfilled its claims and gave better result on my hair than expected.
I'm keen to try and review some more herbal products from Svayam's range soon ;) If you want to place an order or wanna know more about the Svayam product range, get in touch with Ms. Kavita at 9891039795. 


  1. impressed with the benefits of Panchatava Oil.

    1. The list is really long. but I tried covering a few :)

  2. I also skipped the part of oiling my hair. But after reading this I will sure start oiling my here soon.

    1. that will improve the health of your hair and scalp.

  3. Olive oil with cinnamon bark sounds interesting. Nice and detailed review... :)

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    1. Thanks a lot. Its really a unique blend and works magic.

  4. Replies
    1. No doubt about it. And there are many others by the brand.


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