Friday 9 December 2016

Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray Review

Getting ready for a party and spending much time n effort on your elaborate hair style is a familiar scenario at every household this wedding season. And the next concern after getting your hairdo is to keep it in place till the time you don't return back home ;) 

If you're sailing in the same boat and can relate to this situation, you certainly need to invest in a good Hair Spray. I'm patting my back myself that I opted for Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray quite timely and used it on my hair some times in last few weeks.

Product Info:
Achieve a beautiful hairstyle with a perfect finish and an extreme 48H hold with Supreme Hold hair spray. Offering flexible movement and a soft touch, this easy to comb out spray is formulated with Keratin to protect and manage hair, leaving it soft and smooth. No residue, non-sticky.
The reason why I wanted to try a hair spray initially, was to find an alternative to hair styling gels that usually weigh the hair down and make hair look sticky. Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray claimed to be non-sticky while holding the hair style for extreme duration.

Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray came in a long, metallic silver can with black cap. It's an easy to use aerosol can, but may not fit your travel-kit easily due to its tall sized packaging (but I won't mind slipping it in a corner of my suitcase).
The best thing about this hair spray is that one can use it during or after styling the hair. If you’ve got thin hair, it can be a perfect product to add volume and lift to your hair. Simply spritz this hairspray onto your hair brush and then comb it through your hair for a natural looking thicker locks.

I used the spray for a light hold on my straight hair when I went for a usual restaurant party organized indoors and I liked the way they were moving naturally without sticking together. The usual flyaways were under control too. The hair is supplied with certain amount of shine after using the spray.

On another occasion, to go for an outdoor gathering, I sprayed some extra spritz of the product on my top-tuck hairdo because mostly my hair don't stay where I want it to and behave ridiculously unmanageable. And I swear, my hair left me feel proud for not behaving messy at all with strong hold against the effect of wind. 
Also the hair spray is a perfumed one, so leaves your hair smelling nice for next few hours. I liked the fragrance, but some people might prefer a fragrance-free product.
Oh yes! not to forget, my collegiate brother who loves his spiky hair style more than anything else in the world, styled his otherwise flat hair into spikes using this spray and retained the firm hold all day long. {a note of thanks from him was obvious} ;) It means the product is versatile enough to be used by both men or women. 

By now, if you're already impressed with the product efficacy and are wondering about its after effects; let me make my point clear-
  • Despite the alcohol content in the product, the spray doesn't induce dryness, brittleness, stiffness or hair breakage provided it's not used on daily basis. (If you are looking for Non-alcoholic spray, remember it tends to let the hair loose their style sooner). 
  • It doesn't cause any harm to colour-treated hair.
  • There is no skin irritation arising out of the product usage. 
  • It's easy to wash off using normal shampoo without requiring any extra effort. 
  • Most importantly, follow the right method to use the product by holding the can about 20-30 cm from your hair and spray 3-4 times, else it may not perform the way you expect.
Alcohol Denat, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Vinyl Caprolactam/VP/ Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Parfum, Lauryl Pyrrolidone, Linalool, Panthenol, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Hydrolyzed Keratin

Availability: Order at Rs. 499 (200ml pack)
The oriflame hairspray may sound slightly more expensive than your average hairspray, but it justifies it price as the product is infused with Keratin that is a protein that fortifies and strengthens weak hair so that they are less likely to get damaged during styling.

All in all, Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray is one product to lock your locks into place with a salon-like impression.

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