Monday 12 December 2016

Good Morning to Good Knight : My Parenting Habits

Being a full-time working mother with a child, it really took me lot of mindful effort to set an effective daily routine for my child that would simplify my life while giving me the contentment of offering a happier childhood to my child.

Breaking the daily routine of the child into manageable chunks is the easiest way to start. Here’s how a mother can ensure an ideal morning-to-night routine for a child.
Practice Personal Hygiene:
Don't instruct your kids to follow those principles of good hygiene... Because they won't listen. So what’s the point??
I've personally experienced that the habits to maintain good hygiene can either be developed in kids in a play-way method or via leading by example. The trick is to let the kids observe their parents brushing their teeth, washing their hands, cleaning their body parts or wearing clean clothes because they are more likely to follow and mirror their actions.

Healthy Eating Habits:
Whether you are mother to a toddler, a preschooler or a teenager, the 'fussy eaters' or 'picky eaters' are present in most families these days. Making kids learn to make healthy food choices gives nightmares to many parents. Offering something more than formal food in their meals excites kids and enhance their appetite.

Giving choices to pick veggies/fruits of own liking actually helps the kids build positive associations with food. I personally prefer experimenting with recipes by asking my child what ingredient to substitute in a dish so that he would love it more and he waits to taste the new preparation. But make sure you provide them with a healthy alternative option. Eg: you can easily substitute rice with boiled semolina.
Encourage Outdoor Activities:
In this hi-tech age, where most kids choose to spend their leisurely time digging tech gadgets, it has become the foremost concern for parents to curb kids' vigorous activity of TV watching, video gaming, net surfing as these activities tend to refrain kids from connect to their natural surroundings.
The kids should be exposed to interesting outdoor games that would lead to their wholesome physical development. #ChildrensPlayDay is an amazing initiative taken up to encourage outdoor play by Good knight! To know more watch the Children’s Play Day video

But remember while sending the kids out for play, don't forget to use a good outdoor mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites and thus mosquito borne diseases.

Fix Up Study Hours:
After spending many hours at school, it is hard to convince children to study at home. It's not advisable to force children to study when they cannot concentrate. Give them a break to take some rest or do their favourite recreational activity, whatever they wish to. I, as a working mother, have made it a daily practice to sit down with my child compiling my documents/work assignments while he is studying, so that his momentum of studying is kept higher.

Setting the Bedtime:
"Is my child getting enough sleep?" is one of the concerns that most mothers like me need to get addressed. While many of the parents might not find it easy to evaluate the amount of sleep that children of a particular age might need, they can always ensure to get kids into bed as early as possible. Regular sleep pattern not only helps the child get up with infinite energy but also promotes the physical and mental growth of a child. I always make sure to spare few minutes of relaxed snuggle time with my child as he wakes up in the morning to begin our day with a lovely smile.

I hope my experiences would serve as guiding tips for mothers out there and your kids will enjoy their good morning to good knight routine :)

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  1. Hey i would love to try this

  2. A well written post on good parenting habits :-)
    My parenting Tips :
    1.Be friendly with your kids so that they can share their problems , dreams with you , Being strict is good but one should know where to draw the line .
    2.Try to make make them do their chores themselves so that they gain confidence at young age .
    3. Do not pressurize them to excel in studies but try to motivate them so that they themselves feel responsible towards getting good marks in exams .
    4.Do not scold them too hard for small mistakes so that they loose confidence but try to explain them every thing in a friendly manner .
    5.Play with them , both indoor games and outdoor games , this way we can keep them away from Idiot Box and also spend some quality time with them .
    6.To make them eat healthy food , try to be innovative so that like to eat veggies like I add vegetables in Pulav , Upma , Sandwiches , Parathas so that slowly they start liking that taste and do not make fuss while eating vegetables and salads .

  3. Thanks for this lovely post much needed for parents m a mother of a cute doll who is 3 + my parenting tip is to teach about good and bad touch to your kids so they can raise alarm if any thing wrong happen to kids.

    Always teach your kids to respect elders, your grand parents there is always a generation gap between them but you have to make them understand they care for you

  4. Wonderful post my parenting tip is always make your kids understand time is always not remain same so what ever the situation do share with your kids. Always make them understand food us precious so never waste it. Explore yourself not only in studies but also in games as well

  5. Wonderful tips.. I would definitely try this. This are good habits So it should be appreciated.Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Thanks for giving us a platform to express and share our thoughts m a mother of two kids and difficult to find time for myself my prent tips is stop giving your kids spoon feeding,, never say they can't do it always encourage them to try new thing make them independent allow them to explore new things,.. Discuss and explain the importance sex education. You can't hide things from your kids so let's discus with them

  7. we all love our kids , let them eel that they are special in their own way . Do not let them compare with other kids. ushki tumhare se zayada marks kaise aye , vo itna acha dance karta hai ? tum hamesha piche rehoge kya.
    this do not let them push hard but they mostly loose confidence upon themselves. every kid is unique and are good in one other things. they are not a competition material . they are our kids whom should be loved and free to what they want to do

  8. Let them become whatever they have to become. Don’t try to mold them according to our understanding of life. Our child need not do what we did in our life. Our child should do something that we did not even dare to think in our life. Only then will the world progress. Stop imposing ourself on the child and create a strong friendship rather than being a boss. Don’t sit on a pedestal and tell the child what she should do. Place ourself below the child so that it’s easy for them to talk to you.

  9. Very nice post 😊

    I can't participate bcoz I'm single but I'll keep your words in mind dear...

    1. No problems. I'll come up with more giveaway for every one else other moms ;)

  10. If I remember correctly you were featured by this brand on FB - congrats !

    1. You are right. Thanks for keeping yourself so much involved with my page and blog <3

  11. Good thoughts. Would like to try this in order to maintain good health.


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