Friday 30 December 2016

Magnificent Power Musk Fragrance For Men from Oriflame

Hey Peeps!

Let's welcome 2017 on a fragrant note ;) We're here today to voice our thoughts on Oriflame Power Musk Fragrance For Men that came in a few weeks ago and impressed us to the core.

Manly, spicy and with a dash of sophistication, Power Musk Eau de Toilette personifies the heart and soul of the passionate man. With sexy Musk, Oud Wood and Nutmeg; he’ll always be on top of his game.
The day when I was gifted the first perfume from Oriflame range by my wife, I thought of having the BEST of available fragrances in my collection. But later when she got me another one, I realized there is much more to explore across the perfume universe! And so, we decided to grab this Power Musk by Oriflame which is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men.
As soon as you wear the fragrance, the warmth of your body evokes the woodsy fumes and compels you bury your nose and breathe in all the mystery. The wearability of the perfume is enhanced since it's not ONLY musk-derived. Oud and Nutmeg keep all the musk in check & makes the smell more inviting. 
The label 'power' is somewhat overstated as the depth of the fragrance is not screaming of itself, but yes! there’s enough capability of ingredients delicately hidden in formula to make you think manly musky. It does have a dollop of sensuality in how people can smell you from a few steps away. The fragrance is wearable in any season because it's not overpowering at all and elegantly envelopes you for good number of hours. 
I personally feel there is a sensory pleasure in wearing Oud based woody fragrances as they bestow beautifully meditative appeal on me. To deduce, I must say Oriflame Power Musk is unquestionably magnificent fragrance with timeless elegance to restore your faith in masculine grooming.
So whether you want to stock up this fragrance in your favorite scents or simply wanna give a good-smelling gift to your guy friend or spouse to sweeten up your relationship, follow the link to order a cute n non-embellished classic-style bottle here. High quality comes with a price tag, but this one will cost you just Rs 1399. I bet, it'll well-received by most gentlemen and will become their signature scent :)

(Reviewed by : Amit)


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