Monday 26 December 2016

Eveyday Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a staple product for every household. There are hundreds of traditional and innovative tricks to incorporate in your everyday routine and save some bucks buying expensive beauty/health care products. Coconut oil is not only used topically (on the surface of skin), but is also consumed for procuring many health benefits.
 In this post, I'm covering only its topical application-
  • The head massage with coconut oil is the age-old remedy that every woman would swear by. You can not provide food to your scalp in form of coconut oil massage, but can also make it a great anti-frizz treatment, just a tiny dab of oil rubbed on your hands and then through hair does the job. You may ditch your usual hair conditioner by rubbing the oil on your hair, put a shower cap on and leave for few hours before washing. It will give you soft shiny n healthy tresses, if used regularly. Currently, I'm using Oriflame Natural Coconut Hair Oil for my hair. It smells heavenly and feels really pure when you inhale its natural fragrance. Since coconut oil is a versatile product, I've tried to avail a few of its abundance of benefits.
  • For the skin, coconut oil makes an excellent natural moisturizer. One can use it the basic lotion by directly massaging on skin after shower (or any time of the day) . It seems bit greasy initially, but absorbs wonderfully. My dry skin loves its intense hydration. If your skin type is normal, you can wipe excess oil from surface of skin. If this exercise is done religiously before bed in the night, it may fight many skin issues. Those who love natural products in their beauty arsenal, would love to use coconut oil as an effective makeup remover for entire face and eyes. It won't sting even the most sensitive skin type while removing every trace of makeup off your face.
  • Try mixing Sea Salt and coconut oil to make a gentle foot scrub. The naturally rough sea salt mixed with soothing Coconut oil creates a mildly scented scrub that is both exfoliating and moisturizing. It works well on all skin types especially dry skin and causes no irritation.
  • The women who face the issue of itchy vaginal area can give a light massage of pure coconut oil using their fingers around the opening of their intimate area whenever they pee. It calms the irritated skin and serves as a gentle anti-fungal lubricant. Make sure the oil you use is free of any preservatives or added ingredients else may cause allergies.
  • The men in the house can massage coconut oil on their face before shaving. It will help the shaving-cream lather stay longer on the face and will allows the razor to glide smoothly over skin. In return, you get a soft n moisturized shave look, while remaining safe from painful bumps and burns.
  • The new mommies, who experience painful nipple cracks during breastfeeding stage, can safely rub a small amount of coconut oil on and around the nipple after patting it dry post feeding their babies. It will not only heal the cracks quick, but will also relieve you from the worry of  putting anything harmful in babies mouth.
  • If you believe in the benefits of massaging your teeth with finger (like using a tooth powder), then this one is for you. Mix equal parts of coconut oil with baking soda for making homemade toothpaste. You may add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for flavour and scent. It greatly improves the oral health by giving whiter teeth, strong gums and also takes toxins out. Again be specific to use pure coconut oil for internal use.
    • Lastly, a tip for little ones in our families. The soothing coconut oil can be applied on irritated bums of babies in place of a promising diaper rash cream. The antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties of the oil works equally good for curing swelling, redness, itch and burn. I personally have used coconut oil for many years on my son's skin to soothe him from nasty insect bites for instant relief. 
    Hope you find the tips effective. Would love to know if you have used Coconut Oil in some other ways..


    1. My mother and I use this oil and its very nice...

      I love its smell! It makes our hair soft and shiny...

      Thankyou for such useful tips 😊

      1. Coconut oil is a must for my mom too and she won't shift to any other for her head massage in any case ;)

    2. thanks for sharing various benefits of using coconut oil :)

      1. My pleasure. Hope the post is useful for you.

    3. seriously ! Oriflame has coco oil too !! never knew

      1. yeah, it's not as popular as their beauty products.

    4. Will ask my Oriflame consultant friend for this too


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