Monday 19 December 2022

Year End Beauty Haul from FacesCanada

"Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure - it can transform you.”    - Fran├žois Nars
Well, the quote above is quite relatable for most women. Many women who love wearing makeup acclaim feeling naked without it, thus makeup becomes one of the most critical aspects of their wardrobe. 

I personally don't wear makeup on daily basis except coloring my pout, but when it comes to looking presentable, accentuating my features and creating a mood on special occasions, then I love dressing my face well. And today, I'm sharing my cosmetic haul experience from one of the most popular globally acclaimed brand FaceCanada 

Though FacesCanada needs no introduction, but just to brief a bit, they offer an exclusive line of high-quality makeup and skincare products. Their products are thoughtfully crafted to suit every ethnicity, skin type, skin tone, complexion & skin texture. 

I've been buying FacesCanada products from retail stores earlier, but when i noticed some exclusive deals n offers on their website, I couldn't resist my temptation to get my hands on some of my faves. So here's what my mixed-bag shopping looked like-

As I stated earlier, lipstick is my go-to makeup product without which I don't step out, so my first pick was long lasting liquid lipsticks. Though I prefer usual bullet lipsticks, but matte texture attracted me and I chose two of them in shades End of Story 03 and Hope This Helps 06. Both the lipsticks have ultimate stay or i should say the longest stay I've got with any lipsticks. It feels light on lips, not overdrying and survives meals without transferring stains.

Next on my list was a combo for well-defined eyes i.e. Magneteye Kajal and Magneteye Matte Eyeliner. Both come in a sleek packaging and give intense black strokes. So easy to glide, doesn't itch your lashline and stays decently for whole day.
Also got two base makeup products to wear them occasionally - the Hydra Matte Foundation and the Face Blush. The Blush comes in three gorgeous shades that flatter every skin tone. The powder blush is beautifully pigmented and gives your cheeks a mattified, HD finish with a natural glow.
On the other hand, the foundation has ten versatile shades to choose from. This is a multi-purpose foundation that duals as a moisturizer cum sunscreen too. Not only it gives a high-coverage but offers a broad UV spectrum of SPF 30 and the goodness of a moisturizer all packed in one product. So that makes it a steal deal for sure. Just make sure to pick the suitable shade closely matching your skin tone while ordering. 
There’s something spellbinding and mesmerizing about every product in my haul. The USP of the brand is that they strictly disapprove of animal testing and always use safe ingredients. Their products are cruelty free and hypoallergenic. 
I'm absolutely satisfied with my purchase. So if too are keen to get FacesCanada products for yourself, these're available in over 140 cities with over 1500 cosmetic retail stores across India. The online shoppers can order it at their convenience from brand website or ecommerce websites like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Purplle etc. 
Do check out their exclusive Year End beauty Haul offers and make the best of it.
Happy shopping!


  1. It looks like they have such a great color selection. I definitely need to try this brand!

  2. Ooh. That hydra matte foundation sounds amazing. All of these picks are really great.

  3. Oh wow so many great things!

  4. Wow I have not tried Faces Canada but I think I need to! Especially the kajal eyeliner with almond oil! I'm always looking for a fantastic new eyeliner pencil that glides on easily and I have such a good feeling about this one from your review!

  5. Love the quote at the beginning. Indeed makeup is more than just accessory for the face. It can transform one person and I love these beautiful items.

  6. Some great last minute gift ideas here, might use one for secrecy Santa

  7. I didn't realize that almond oil is an ingredient used in beauty products.

  8. Thank you for these beauty recommendations! I've never tried this brand before, but I would love to purchase the blush. I just ran out this week!

  9. This is interesting brand and I'm sure my friend would love to read about this. She is into beauty a lot. Thank you for sharing!


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