Thursday 12 May 2022

Be Unique with BeYouNick Street Style Trends

The weather is heating up in most parts of the country and it's the perfect reason for the guys out there to refresh their wardrobe. 

If 'fashion merged with function' sounds like your aesthetic, KRA's trendy street style clothing is certainly your best bet. Go from the sofa to the street with ease in a tasteful, relaxed and functional outfit that doesn't stop you from having fun under the sun.

KRA is the brainchild of BeYouNick (@BeYouNick on Instagram), one of the most leading names in the content creation space. The brand focuses on philosophy of 'celebrating the streets' and offers men's fashionwear that aces style game without sacrificing on comfort.

Let me reveal the essential clothing stuff for looking good in the sun this season. 

Pick up a versatile Shacket in a shade of your choice - grey, blue, black top the charts. Essentially, a shacket is a mashup between a jacket and a shirt. Think of it as a heavier button-up shirt that you may rock as outerwear. Shackets are not just better-looking, but play really well with layering. You can elegantly layer it up by leaving the shirt unbuttoned and effortlessly tossed over a solid T-shirt.

The one I bought from KRA is a Long Sleeved Oversized Shacket made of 100% cotton, has got bellows pockets to add to its charm. Red zippers and brand logo patch on the sleeves enhance the appeal for reasons so good. The best part of owning a shackets is that it can be worn with almost anything all the year long - under a coat in winter or over a t-shirt in spring, summer and autumn.
Once your topwear is all set, it's time to individualize your style by choosing a well-coordinated bottomwear. Try pairing shorts with a long-sleeve button-down and cuffed sleeved shirt. Woven fabric shorts are remarkable because they also offer a refined look and add a dash of texture.

The Summer Essential Navy Woven Shorts I bought from KRA is certainly a summer staple in men's wardrobe. Whether lounging on the beach or strutting the city streets, this one will put your legs in a relaxed movement. 
Overall my shopping experience with KRA has been absolutely satisfactory on following pointers-
  • Easy and flawless ordering process
  • Quick dispatch and timely delivery
  • Smooth navigation on the website
  • Correct product info especially sizing and fabric
  • Excellent product quality

KRA is currently offering amazing discounts on most of the product categories including Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Joggers and much more under Knockout Summer Sale. So avail the exclusive offers and fill up your summer closet with some chic and easy summer wardrobe updates.


  1. I'm always wary of buying clothing online. Often, the sizes don't work out for me- things are either too large or too small. It sounds like this place is an exception to the rule.

  2. Those are really handsome pieces. I love the simple lines and the colors are great.

  3. Those both look great! Although my husband would never wear a jacket like that in the summer months, it would be perfect for the mild winters we have here.

  4. These look fashionably great! I might gift this to my hubby.

  5. That's cool they have discounts and it will help people to buy them. And they don't look bad as well.

  6. These pieces are so cool and something my Husband would wear for sure. I am off to check them out, thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW! These look very fashionable. Check them right now

  8. That sounds like a great brand to check out sometime and love the designs they have as well as the uniqueness of it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Each season is always a good time to refresh our wardrobes. Men or women alike

  10. Nnniiiccceeeee...those are some very nice navy woven shorts! They are my perfect size, even from behind my screen. Love them!


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