Friday 19 October 2018

The One Kohl Eye Pencil and Gel Eye Liner Pencil Review

Some girls simply cannot step out of the house without lining their eyes as it enhances their face value. Everyday eye makeup for most girls involves the use of either kohl or eyeliner or probably both of these. For those who are looking for buying eye cosmetic, you may consider The One Kohl Eye Pencil and Gel Eye Liner Pencil from Oriflame for non-messy application. 
The One Kohl Eye Pencil is a small-sized regular pencil that one has to sharpen. Use your ring finger to gently pull down your lower eyelid while looking up and start drawing from the inner corner of your eye's water line. The kohl pencil glides extremely easy and gives beautifully pigmented dark black eyes. It stays put for more than 5-6 hours and doesn't smudge. Even the watery, sensitive eyes like mine didn't feel any stingy feel post application. Those who love smudge eye effect should quickly blend the kohl with finger across the lower lash line before it settles in a minute of application. I usually use a drop or two of moisturizer on a makeup remover pad to remove kohl from my eyes so that it doesn't require much effort or cause me irritation.
Price: INR 329
Many females use the kohl as an eyeliner as well. For those who prefer using a different product, check out The One Gel Eye Liner Pencil. A gel eye liner pencil sounds unusal because we've been using pot packaging for gel eyeliners.
The One Gel Eye Liner Pencil is a retractable pencil that can be rotated from back side to take out the product. The eyeliner has a tiny sharpner at its rear end that helps to shape the pencil tip whenever required.

    You can slowly run the liner pencil in a smooth straight line along the upper lash line from inner to outer corner of the eye. I really liked it for easy manoeuvrability. It's velvety to glide on eyelids and gives intense black colour with a lovely shine. The performance of the product is simply marvellous. It's truly a long stay, non-smudge and water-prood product that you just need to apply and forget. 
    Price: INR 529
    Both the kohl and eye-liner are easy to carry around even in your slimmest clutch, perform as promised, create well-defined eyes and are perfect to dramatically change your look in seconds.


    1. Ye to bahut badiya kaam karta hai 👍👍 bas kuch strokes me aapki eyes spark karne lagegi , offer me milega to leti hu 😊

      1. Yeah. Your consultant will give you offer details :)

    2. I'm not sure if it it just me but I feel like retractable pencils tend to lose pigmentation faster than sharpening pencils. Do you feel the same or rather does that happen with this pencil.

      1. It may be the case with certain brand, but not with all retractable pencils.


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