Wednesday 10 October 2018

Diaper Rash, Baby Wipes And A Quick Solution

Arrival of a baby in the family is like getting to join the most difficult course for new mommy, trying and testing her knowledge to sort out everyday issues to the best of her capabilities and still failing at many instances. When it comes to baby's health, the early few months or may be few years are so challenging and many a times vulnerable for the mommy. 
I remember how anxious I used to feel for every task I would do for my baby for the next few months of his birth. My heart would explode with fear that something is terribly wrong as and when my baby faced even common health issues like eczema, diarrhoea, diaper rash or mild fever. I always made a point to detoxify my home every day for my baby's good health, but some issues were practically unavoidable, diaper rash being one of them. At the age of 6 months or so, my son developed a bacterial infection in her diaper region. The baby's sore, red, scaly skin didn't clear up despite changing his diaper often enough for next few days. Deep inside my heart, I was petrified and questioned my own parenting abilities. On the learning curve of motherhood, I realized that the problem was not with his diapering ritual, but with the ordinary disposable wipes that I had been using to wipe his bottoms with after every poop. The lesson I learnt was to switch to gentler baby wipes that do not burn baby's delicate skin.
In present times, the challenge to find an appropriate baby wipe brand is tougher as all brands claim to be 'child safe' and the parents need to be really watchful of what all has gone into making of certain product. 
For mommies, who are in search for a non-irrtant baby wipes brand, I recommend you to try Mother Sparsh baby wipes for your babies. Let me share why Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes should make space in your baby closet -
Mother Sparsh is India’s 1st water based baby wipes brand which is made of 98% water content. It cleans the baby's bottom as you wash with pure water. The material used is 100% plant fabric which makes the wipes not only cottony soft but non-allergic on skin. The ingredients list of Mother Sprash baby wipes is worth a look that mentions use of flower extracts so as to give these wipes a moisturizing effect. This is why when you pat your baby's skin gently with one of these wipes, it feels like a soft cloth and causes no dryness.
Most inexpensive baby wipes are loaded with chemicals that may lead to infections or rashes due to frequent use. Even some preservatives that are commonly found in ordinary wipes act as severe irritants and reasult in baby-wipe dermatitis. To provide the parents a solution to such wipes, Mother Sparsh has avoided use of any artificial preservatives in the formula and offered best solution by crafting skin-friendly baby wipes.   
Being a mother myself, I would suggest all mommies to buy these water wipes for their little ones as a preventive measure especially for allergy-prone kids, becuase it's better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Newer and effective things in the market.
    I agree with some wipes loaded with chemicals.


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