Tuesday 4 September 2018

Relation Between The 3 Bs – Body, Brain and Breakfast

"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning." - Meister Eckhart
The beginning is the most important part of any work. Because the way something begins greatly influences how it will further proceed and conclude. Waking up in the morning, charged up with effusive energy, marks any day that will bring productivity and accomplishments.

To be honest, I've never been a morning person. "Just a few minutes please... mommy!", these standard words would start most of my days and I would always dream of buying a little extra time to extend my sleep before I had to get up for school (or college or even for work). And then I would exhaust myself and skip my breakfast in an attempt to be on-time. The effects of being a regular breakfast-skipper were evident on my body after some time. I learnt the importance of a balanced morning meal the hard way after falling prey to certain physical issues which luckily came under-control because I realized it on time. Of course, in the bargain of those few minutes of morning sleep, I completely changed my lifestyle towards a healthier beginning of the day afterwards and my body adapted to this change in a positive manner.

My life got a complete makeover due to changes in place, climate, age, family responsibilities, job profile etc. after my marriage and attaining motherhood. But at every juncture, I remained mindful to my commitment to a hearty breakfast all these years. In fact, as a homemaker, one of my primary concerns has been to awaken a desire in the heart of my family members for home-cooked food. However, in the busy lifestyle that we live today, the scenario of a breakfast eaten peacefully is often a far-fetched idea.

As a homemaker, wife & a mother, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure my family is living a healthy life. So I tailored morning rituals suited to the needs of my family. My goal in healthy living is not just to lengthen our lives, but rather be able to be more active and productive.

Despite being a full-time working mom who is pressed for time, I try to cook as much as possible from scratch. Yes, it takes some thought and planning but at the end of the day, it doesn't hurt our health and wallet. ;) Mostly, the meals that I serve to my family comprises of most key nutrients from dietary point of view including vegetables, fruits, milk, grains, poultry and dairy items. But there had been instances, when my son gave up on 'ideal food habits' culture in the family and wanted a change. I agreed that the morning meal doesn't have to be all about traditional breakfast items. So I thought of adding some tasty mixes to our existing platter that could meet the essential requirements without any compromise.

During one of my visits to departmental store, I spotted an array of Kellogg’s products stacked on display rack and it immediately attracted me.
Well! This was a breakfast game-changer.
Since that day, Kellogg’s 'Anaj Ka Nashta' became a staple breakfast for all of us. Eating cereals fortified with nutrients and that too in a convenient, time-saving format has actually relieved the plight of a busy homemaker struggling to make both ends meet.

Now no one in the family is guilty of skipping breakfast, rather they look forward to what's coming every day. I personally have realised that my morning time has become more relaxed and productive. I may harness my morning 'power time' to achieve my target of the day. Watching my son tastefully finishing his breakfast without any compelling gives me such a content feeling. Because I believe children who regularly fuel themselves up with breakfast before heading to the school certainly gain benefits like improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving and better comprehension during reading and listening.

To sum up, I would assert what we eat not only affects us physically but has an impact on our mental and emotional well-being too. Remember, nutrients skipped at breakfast do not get compensated during the rest of the day,

This national nutrition month, let’s make breakfast a priority! Share this post with your loved ones who tend to always skips breakfast and ask them to #Breakthehabit


  1. I have always been a breakfast perope. Nice post!!

  2. Loved reading this post. I am guilty of skipping breakfast many days 'coz I am in a hurry and don't feel hungry. But cornflakes and muesli are a quick and easy breakfast option...

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  3. Breakfast n Nashta sun kar accha to bahut lagta hai per itni lazy hu ki sabke liye kar leti hu per khud nahi khaati 🙈🙈
    Bahut useful post hai, main to ab aur late jaagti hu , direct brunch banta hai 😊 haan itna hai ki healthy khaane aur banati hu 😍😍

  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I make sure all my family members are well fed. Great post.

  5. Very nice post... Breakfast is really must.. My father always told me breakfast like a king, lunch like a common people and dinner like begger

  6. being a fitness freak, i know the importance of healthy breakfast and thanks for suggesting such a easy way for it

  7. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me.
    Thank you for sharing such tips through this article

  8. very nice. i think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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