Monday 3 September 2018

Parental Guide To Reform Digital Junkies

'Teens and their addiction for screen'- that's something which worries every parent whose kids are growing up in this digital world. I, as a parent, find myself in the dilemma whether I should really take my child completely off technology and make him feel tech-handicap in the future or should limit his too much usage of gadgets so that it doesn't impair his development.
So here is what parents like me must try at their home to raise a low-gadget child-

Restrain yourself to give your child a dedicated gadget/device of his own to avoid interference with your own device and for your own convenience. Having to borrow your device will potentially reduce his screen time.

Limit the number of Apps that your child is allowed to install in the device. Once a new App is installed, make sure to take the test of the same to assess the appropriateness of the content that your child would come across while using it. I personally recommend using any suitable App that gives you parental control of the device with which you may restrict certain content to be displayed.

Try noticing whether there is a specific time slot when your child is hooked to the gadgets. If yes, break this pattern and engage him in some creative activity he/she loves. It effectively worked in my case. Everyday in the evening, I call my son to help me with dinner since he is fond of cooking and he takes pride when his opinion is considered with ingredients etc. Just a simple exercise and great relief!

Make your children aware of the consequences of addictive effects and let them realise themselves how their own behaviour had been deteriorating since they are glued to gizmos. Take them in confidence and help them understand that less time on screen simply means lesser time absorbing inappropriate content. I believe self-realisation sometimes can do what an advice cannot.

We all know that children imitate parents. The easiest way to limit media use by children is to control your own urge to be constantly online. Remind yourself why setting these limits are important for mental and physical wellness of your child & be a good role model by disconnecting your devices. 

The exposure to digital information is revolutionising every walk of life, but screens can draw these children from life's real pleasures. Technology is a positive force for learning and connecting, but not at the cost of losing someone's well-being. All the parents who wish for freedom from Digital Heroin must fix up a Digital Detox Routine for their family as early as possible because the older your kids are, the harder it is to enforce limits.

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  1. Completely agree with you! While gadgets are offering a lot of benefits we are also being sucked into being gadget dummies.

  2. I have learnt it the harder way. With my elder one falling prey to the gadget it was very difficult. But yes now she is completely off screen time. We have been trying to keep our elder one away from gadgets now

  3. Some great pointers here dear. I really find it difficult to keep him away from it as I work on my phone at most times when I am not taking academy sessions, so I lead by wrong example. I pray that his ipad crashes and then I wont buy him a new one but waiting like this is foolish.This is a thought-provoking post buddy.

  4. Sach hai, mobile jitna jaruri n educational hai utna hi addiction bhi hai, mere to bacche badey hain unko ab meri guidance ki jarurat nahi hai per ye jarur hai ki is baat ko sab samjhe

  5. Not only children even we adults are addicted to gadgets. And yes you mentioned it right it is dilemma of every parent whether to allow or not to allow their children to have their own mobile. You have shared some great tips to keep the balance.

  6. I totally agree with you. This generation is totally hooked to gadgets.. and we unfortunately have set a bad example for our children... it’s so important to limit their screen time and net access

  7. Screen dependency disorder is for real and affects children and adults equally. Loved your version of interpretation of freedom

  8. Screen dependency is like a demon eating kids childhood. They so love it these days. Gosh even I am.addicted to screen time

  9. this was really helpful. my son is very young but still turns to the screen when he finds there a nothing to engage him. I try my best to keep him occupies with activities and chores.


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