Thursday 25 January 2018

Why One Cannot Ignore The Need For Water Purifier?

Basic hygiene matters above everything else. If you are not healthy, having a social life, interacting with people, having a successful career is simply impossible.

Water is a basic component to survive for anyone. If it’s not clean, it’s not the same water. Purification standards across India are not uniform, which is also due to the different sources of water. Hence, a water purifier becomes all the more important in Indian households.

Let’s try to understand the source of your domestic tap water. It is either a nearby lake or river; or the seawater. Although the government tries its best to ensure the safe passage of water through extensive pipelines and advanced treatment plants, there is a high chance of water undergoing contamination till the time it reaches your house. That is mainly due to weather, quality of pipes and various other factors. This is why getting the best water purifier is of extreme importance.
Water purification technology has come a long way. The initial purification methods were just simple hacks like using a filter to eradicate the impurities. But with time, many improvements took place, paving the water for RO water purifiers.

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. It is the most widely accepted technology to give you pure drinking water. It uses a semipermeable membrane that helps to eliminate the finest traces of impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides as well as disease causing microbes. Doesn't it remind you something that we learnt in high school, but never thought how it could make our home water fit for consumption. This technology can eliminate various dissolved and suspended species from water including bacteria. Also it can be employed for both industrial as well as domestic purposes. 

RO technology differs basis the level of product testing and the quality of filters used while assembling the purifier. Choosing a purifier for your tap water depends on what type of technology you are looking for. That is where the water purifier price comes into the picture. Prices along with the quality determines how should one select the best RO water purifier in India.

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  1. Sach me aaj ki life me nust needed product hai,
    Thanks for all important information 👍👍

  2. Agree with you. We too have RO water purifier in our home. It is a must nowadays for health issues...

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  3. Great post! I have to look into getting a water purifier for our home. It looks like such a wonderful investment.


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