Sunday 21 January 2018

Choosing The Right Sanitary Napkins ft. Bella India

After a certain age, all females need to use sanitary pads for menstural protection. While some women are quite selective for their period-protection pads, many other have a misconception that all  pads are the same and anyone may pick any. But the fact is that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work when we choose this feminine hygiene item.

Today I'm trying to cover important aspects that we women should take into consideration before we mark a brand our favourite for Sanitary Napkins-

Just like our body size is not same as of any other woman, the sanitary pad we choose also has to be in sync with our body type. Usually theses are available in S, M and L sizes; but many reputed brands have got larger sizes as well to prevent fluid leaking and fit women’s unique body shapes. The young girls who will be buying sanitary pads for the first time should quickly grab off the right size off the shelf as the sizes are clearly marked on the outside cover of the package. I personally have got my requirements sorted by ordering Perfecta napkins in L, XL and XXL from Bella India that are almost 40% longer for the days when you experience heavy flow. 

Another factor that women should consider is their preference of 'wings' on the pads. The winged pads have flaps on either sides of the pad to make it more convenient and safe to fix the pad on the panty. You just have to remove the adhesive back strip and wrap it on both sides of your panty to avoid slip off. If you prefer pads without wings, just ensure you press the pad against your panty surface adhesive side down. You may try different types to find which ones suit you better. I generally prefer these with wings but have got myself some unwinged napkins from Bella India this time for regular flow on later days of menstural cycle.

It's obvious to experience that offensive odour during periods and many women feel self-conscious about the possibility of smelling bad. And that's what gave brands a reason to craft sanitary pad with deoderant or mild scents. I'm going to try Bella India's Perfecta Napkins in Deo Fresh variant to check how good it is to mask this unpleasant smell. 
I remember my early years of womanhood when the pads were shaped with almost straight edges. But with the advent of new technologies in the past years, we have got an assortment of anatomical shapes that makes the pad adjust to our body's curves. This shape also offers freedom of movement while we walk, run, drive or simply lie down. Bella India has a wide selection of such thoughtfully designed pads and I've got many of them to try.

While working on various parameters of sanitary pads ranging from length, breadth, shape etc; the third dimension is to talk about its thickness. The objective of using the pads of preferred thickness not only induces comfort and self-confidence in women, but also empower them to live their lives with vitality during their periods. Bella India urges to satisfy your inclination by offering both traditional and ultra thin napkins. Regular Drai, Regular Drai Wings, Maxi Drai Wings, Regular Softi, Regular Softi Wings and Maxi Softi wings napkins have 6 mm of thickness and they don't have magic gel. They are preferred by women who trust traditional thickness of pads. All the variants that are shared in the post with "Perfecta" name in it are ultrathin with 2 mm of thickness and they have magic gel technology as well. These products are the best for active modern girls.

The absorption capability of the pad directly affects women's health. Because if a pad doesn't soak the blood well, it will not only be causing leakage but will also result in skin irritation, vaginal infection and many serious health issues for females. The material of top sheet on the pads decides the absorption level and feeling of dryness. Bella India has incorporated Special Magic Gel technology in most of their women hygiene products that lets our skin remain dry.

Breathability is unique feature of the back sheet or the lower layer that is attached to your panty. It has micro holes through which fresh air can circulate and protect from skin irritations. But these holes are hundreds time smaller than molecule of liquid, so only air can pass thorough them and liquid is stopped. It protects from skin irritations and rashes. Due to air circulation, skin doesn't sweat and irritations don't happen, so women feel very comfortable. Bella India is the only provider of breathable napkins in India. 
So next time when you are investing in a sanitation essential for yourself, do make an informed choice and make your life easier.

About Bella India:
Bella offers a wide range of products including sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and other intimate hygiene products. The success of Bella brand is primarily the care for the highest quality products, openness to modern technology and willingness to create a flexible offer. If you're keen to know the brand and its products better, reach here

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