Wednesday 31 January 2018

InstaCuppa Polar Edition Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Review

For last few weeks, the InstaCuppa Classic Fruit Infuser bottle has been accompanying me wherever I go and I swear, carrying this stylish bottle has actually garnered me more compliments than for my stylish looks. Also there have been queries like "Can we pour warm water in it?", "Is it safe for use by the children?" "Does it keep the liquid cool?" etc.

I satisfied all the queries of my friends and colleagues with my answers except for cooling of water. So if you're also wondering what's my solution to carry along cold water in my bottle during hot summery days, my answer is InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle in 'Polar Edition'.

The Polar edition fruit infuser is an innovative version of classic fruit infuser water bottle by the brand. The bottle includes an exclusive Gel Freezer Iceball which is actually a small detachable container fixed at the bottom of infuser rod. 

This iceball can be unclipped by pulling away gently and is to be placed in the freezer for atleast 4 hours. Fix it back to the infuser rod before you step out and enjoy your cold infused water/any other drinks while you are out.
The infuser rod in Polar edition bottle is bit smaller than classic version to make space for freezer ball at its rear end, but may hold enough fruits to flavour your plain water.
The bottle is made of top quality TRITAN material. Tritan is a recyclable, eco-friendly and BPA-free plastic and so is non-toxic to be used by any of your family members including kids.
Tritan is also impact-resistant and frees you from the fear of shattering, if you drop the bottle by mistake. It also extends the life of the bottle.
Talking about the looks of this infuser, the glass-like clear and stylish look of the bottle makes it look really classy. The superiority of the bottle is that it won't lose its gloss and clarity after many washes. 
You may easily throw it in your college backpack or handbag (like I do everyday) and it won't get scratches. Sturdy enough!! And mind you, the bottle is travel-friendly due to it's light weight (much lighter than glass) and leak-proof design.

The complimentary add-ons with the bottle include an anti-sweat, insulating sleeve containing thousands of tiny air pockets to absorb bottle sweat and offer you cooler drinks. 
You also get a shaker ball to mix protein powder (if you use) in your drink. So, the ones who love protein shakes can utilize this bottle as a protein shaker. This shaker ball made of rust-free stainless steel will easily stir your shake mix without leaving any clumps.
For the cleaning of the bottle, handwashing is recommended. A spongy cleaning brush provided within the bottle starter-kit lets you easily clean the bottle walls from inside. For those using advanced technology for utensil washing, they may wash the top rack of the infuser bottle in their dishwasher as well and it's durable plastic won't warp or crack.
Impressed enough? The bonus point here is that the InstaCuppa Polar Edition Fruit Infuser is priced at no additional cost over it's classic variant. You may buy it for INR 999 from brand website or from Amazon.
P.S. If you don't know many recipes of preparing your infused/detox drinks, you may scan the QR code given with the bottle to download the ebook and master the art of preparing tasty and healthy drinks for yourself.


  1. This review is really helpful for me with lot of helpful details.I was looking for buying a travel friendly fruit infuser bottle for me.But,I was still searching for products.Thanks for such great post!

    1. I'm glad the post helped you find what you were looking for :)

  2. Replies
    1. I've been loving using this bottle from day one.

  3. Mujhy bhi ye bitita k liye lena hai, per abhi thoda ruk kar buy karungi 😊
    Bahut acche products launch kiya hain 👍👍

  4. This looks so convenient to have on hand. I love that it's BPA free. I also love that it has a ice ball freezer attached.

  5. Actually this infuser has got everything to be your favourite :)

  6. I don't have this brand bottle but, I like my infuser and it actually initially surprised me how tasty a few pieces of fruit actually were in water. It makes water taste soo much better.


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