Tuesday 29 August 2017

Fuschia Natural Soaps Review (Yogurt Delight and Orange Peel)

Fuschia soaps have been my most preferred ones among the exhaustive products that the brand has to offer. I must say they have a widest variety of handmade natural soaps to choose from and every single soap variant is made up of natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. So, one can safely rely on the quality that these soaps offer without causing any harm to your skin.

I received and used two of the variants of Fuschia soaps last month that is in Yogurt Delight and Orange Peel. 
As I received these soaps, the first thing I noticed was the improved packaging. I had been using Fuschia soaps since years now and I can recall the packaging used to be of handmade colourful paper in older times. The newer version of packaging has got a nice brown cardboard box with a beautifully printed label on it to refer to its variant name and ingredients list. The soap bars inside in box are properly sealed in cellophane sheet to preserve its hygiene and fragrance.

Each of the soap bars is large enough to hold in your hand easily. I prefer rectangular shaped soap bars over round, oval, square ones for they tend not to slip easily due to fine grip (it may be my individual choice).
Both the soap variants have mild yet refreshing fragrance. The fragrance is short-lived and doesn’t last after you step out from shower. But I’m ok with it as I don’t sweat much and have no issues like body odour to fight with ;)

I found the soaps not-so-quick to melt as compared to natural soaps from other brands which easily melt and finish off quite soon. The texture of Fuschia soaps also aids that these do not lose their shape till the end. These soaps make your skin feel clean from the top and moisturized from deep inside. The finest ingredients gone into the formula include many nourishing oils, fruits n vegetable extracts and ofcourse the glycerine base. All this helps to retain skin’s natural oils intact without making the skin dry, itchy or scratchy. This is all I want in my soap bar.
The nutrients and anti-oxidants present in Orange Peel soap are very potent in healing many skin conditions. Using this soap regularly keeps the skin toned and free from acne.
On the other hand, Yogurt Delight soap is rich in antibacterial properties and provides instant glow to your skin by removing dirt, dead skin and all kinds of impurities from deep inside the skin.
Each of the soap bars is priced at Rs. 250 which is worth paying for a cruelty-free, chemical-free product that is must-have for everyday bath and body essential to keep the skin healthy and glowing.


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