Wednesday 9 August 2017

Wonders of Epsom Salt ft. Mama Earth

Known since long for as an effective remedy for many problems, I used Epsom Salt after so many years. I remember my mom using those tiny, colourless crystals for various purposes. I frankly don't remember whether she ever used it in any recipes or consumption, but it was extensively used topically.
I got a pack of Epsom Salt from MamaEarth and as soon as I unpacked the product, I was joyous for a moment of revival of old times :) Been a few days now that I've tested it in different ways and no wonder that it works amazing.
Before I share how did it help me, have a look at the beautiful colour that the brand has given to these otherwise colourless granules.
The MamaEarth Epsom Salt is of lavender colour since natural food colour extracted from brinjal has been used as colourant.I loved its soothing lavender scent owing to infusion of Lavender Essential Oil used as an ingredient. It's texture is similar to table salt.
This salt can be massaged directly on facial skin by mixing a few drops of any of your favourite essential oil for easy deep-pore cleansing. It doesn't hurt or itch the sensitive skin and dissolve quickly as you start rubbing.
Carry the epsom salt to washroom and lightly massage it into wet skin on any part of your body after a shower. Give yourself a rinse with warm or cold water depending on season and it'll make you feel the difference on your skin that would get softer after a mild exfoliation. I personally felt the need of applying a body lotion for moisturization (but that depends on skin type).

If you're the one who frequntly experience feeling of restlessness or anxiety like me, take a bath in warm/cold water with a handful of epsom salt dissolved in water. As the salt gets absorbed through the skin, it enchances body’s levels of magnesium and sulfate. As a result, stress is relieved and body is relaxed. Another positive effects of magnesium sulfate ranges from relief from muscle tension, minor body pain, inflammation and cramps.

The best one is to either soak your tired feet in warm water mixed with epsom salt or directly scrub the salt on damp skin of feet. I bet its the best feeling to touch sole of your feet that don't ache plus they are odourfree. An epsom salt foot soak also aids in curing toenail fungus.
I remember my mom making a tiny potli (cloth pouch), putting some epsom salt in it, lightly heating the pouch on a hot tawa and then using it to place on a aching part of the body to alleviate the pain. It's the replication of the massage therapy that many spa treatements are based upon. I seriously enjoy the rejuvenating effect of this therapy.

There can be many more therapeutic uses of this product. I've explored many remedies that say a lot about goodness of epsom salt for hair as well. But to be honest, I need to put together little more courage to try the product on my hair ;) If I get to dare this testing, will update my experience in this post itself :)
Price: 300/- for 200 gms pack
Hope you found these tips useful...


  1. Seems like a great way to relax oneself after a hard day. I love using bath salts for foot soaks and night time baths. It helps reduce pain and fatigue.

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  2. Bahut hi effective n relaxing hota hai ye 👌👌

  3. I love using epsom salt to relax my sore muscles. This one mama earth sounds really good.


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