Friday 10 February 2017

Beauty Benefits of Oiling n Massaging ft. Svayam Natural

Oils have been highly prized amongst the best sources of healing due to their multitude of benefits since ages. Our body responds to oil massage extremely well and if you may lay your hands on pure oils extracted from natural ingredients, you're sure to take the power of massage to a whole new level. One may prefer taking help from professional therapists or indulge in a sensual massage by the partner. I personally am a true believer in the magic of a relaxing massage.

Recently, I discovered a conscious wellness brand Svayam Natural specializing in 100% natural, premium handcrafted products while I was looking for therapeutic oils for myself. On contacting the lady behind the brand, she promptly agreed to send me the products I wanted. Since I had a concept in my mind to cover Oil Massage, I chose a few oils having elite combination of high quality ingredients.
I've been using these oils for few weeks now, and I'm ready to opine what I felt.

For Face:
Usually we see people using good facial skin care products available at different cosmetic counters. I mostly prefer thick moisturizers on my face as my skin remains persistently dry and flaky plus gets dehydrated easily. So this time I ditched the lotions and creams, and added Apricot Face Serum with Almond Oil & Patchouli to my face care routine. 
Despite its name, this serum is basically a face oil that prominently smells of almonds and I like it. Most face oils can be used on their own or mixed with other oils in a blend that best suits ones skin needs. But Svayam Natural has taken a step forward to prepare a facial oil with beneficial blend of Apricot Oil, Almond Oil and Patchouli that I use directly to massage on my face. 
The base Apricot oil is a light textured by default, so doesn't feel heavy or sticky on skin. My skin drinks it up in no time without showing a greasy coat on face. The ingredients of this oil make it a rich source of replenishing emollients, so it keeps my skin's hydration locked-in for many hours. The oil possesses great skin-smoothing properties that soothes and tones the facial skin gently. In past weeks, I can see a beautiful difference on my skin. Without a doubt, Apricot Face Serum with Almond Oil & Patchouli is an integral part of my skincare routine now.

Price: Rs. 525 for 100 ml (can be ordered from Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues, Snapdeal etc)

For Body:
Bath oils made with nourishing ingredients have been one of my prime bath and body products since long. So trying one more from Svayam Naturals was simply unavoidable for me. I chose to use Sesame Oil with Jasmine & Rosemary. 
I like the fact that the bath oils can be used in different ways. Some prefer using it for a pre-shower massage and other like to massage during bath. Even a few drops of the oil can be added to the bathing water for a gentle soak to get rid of skin dryness. But the optimal way is to give your 'wet' skin a soothing massage. This oil has deliciously energizing fragrance that calms my stressed mind. 
The bath oil enhanced with Almond Oil, Jasmine & Rosemary along with Sesame Oil has properties to help fight blemishes and keep your skin clear. 
The oil is slightly thicker in texture than face serum, and proves idea to deal with skin conditions. I loved how the brand has packed the oil with aromatic dried rosemary herb strands for a punch of deliciousness. 
A warm water bath after the massage leaves my skin supple and nourished. Incorporating the bath oils in your everyday routine enables our body become more immune to fight various bacterial and viral infections as well. Most bath oils are warm by nature, so they improve blood circulation. I truly enjoy a massage with lukewarm oil to fight fatigue and stiffness of joints after a long work day during my night time bath that instantly uplifts my mood plus aids in sound sleep. To me, bath oils go beyond just a massage but are a therapy that practically works on my body and mind.
Price: Rs. 415 for 100 ml. (can be ordered from Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues, Snapdeal etc)
Overall, I believe that oiling is something that lets you experience a higher quality of life and improves our emotional and physical well-being. For today's fast paced life, it's a natural and blissful way that one can effectively avail healthy skin.

Do let me know your views if you find the post informative. I'm planning to compile some facts on hair oils in my next posts.


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